The Effenberg Plan to Divide the Bundesliga

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    Fox Sports 2 described a proposal:

    Before winter break:
    2 groups of 9
    Clubs play every opponent in their group twice and do not play the other group
    16 games requiring 18 matchdays with every club having 2 matchdays off
    The top four in each group and the better fifth place club go to Group A
    The bottom four in each group and the worse fifth place club go to Group B

    After winter break:
    The same schedule format as before winter break
    Clubs in Group A decide the title (the proposal didn't mention the Champions League and Europa League, but they would be decided also)
    Clubs in Group B decide relegation

    This would require 36 matchdays, which is more than the 34 there are now. With an odd amount of clubs in each group, it would be impossible for every club to play their last game at the same time.

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