soccer and football seasons?

Discussion in 'High School' started by strike, Mar 9, 2010.

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    Hi everyone,

    When does the average high school soccer season start and end? when does the average high school American football season start and end?

    Also, I need the same dates for college soccer/football as well.

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    Well in soccer there is no hard and fast rule for HS. I know that in Illinois girls soccer, starts on March 1st and ends at the State championship around the first week in June.

    Boys soccer in IL is in the Fall.

    However, in Indiana girls soccer is in the Fall, at the same time as their football season.

    College soccer is in the Fall also, but I do not know exact dates. sorry-

    Our football season is from the beginning of August until beginning of Nov (playoffs).
  3. kix123

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    Mar 23, 2009
    don't forget that the hs football teams start "optional" (meaning NOT optional) workouts in June as soon as school is out. In IL you could not play both HS soccer and football, they are the same season
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    In Colorado high school soccer for boys and football are both in the fall, however, you can play both sports if the coaches agree, and many football kickers are also on the soccer team.
    High school games typically start late August or early September and end late November. A few championship games may continue through early December for both soccer and football, but usually it's all over by the end of November for both sports.

    College football games start the end of August and regular season ends around Thanksgiving, but if the team makes a bowl game, it can continue as late as first week of January (only a few college teams go that late, but about half make some sort of bowl game and continue into December.)
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    Louisiana HS soccer is in the winter. Late October is when training is permitted. Football players don't joing the team usually until Thanksgiving week. Depending on their success.
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    NH has them both in the fall, with both sports having "optional" workouts throughout the summer, no coaches allowed, captains run them. Start for real with double/triple sessions about 2 weeks before school starts
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    NY is the same. Start dates this year are 8/16 for foolbal and 8/23 for soccer. Both go into November with post season play.
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    In Georgia, GHSA starts Soccer in the spring for both Girls and Boys, Football is in the Fall as in every other state in the Union of course. But you do have private school leagues that start in the fall for soccer, but have no direct sanction from the GHSA.
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    If only the HS soccer season was extended...
  10. ptref

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    In Kentucky, both boys and girls high school soccer are played in the fall. Pre-season practices start in July at the conclusion of the dead period. The season typically starts the second full week of August, with state finals being played the first weekend in November.

    In Tennessee, girls high school soccer plays in the fall and boys high school soccer plays in the spring. Not sure of the season start/end dates.
  11. sam_gordon

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    Feb 27, 2017
    I'll add that football is also in the fall, starts around the same as soccer, but state finals are the first weekend in December.
  12. sam_gordon

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    Feb 27, 2017
    BTW, college football is going to depend on the "level"

    Division 1A (FBS) starts Labor Day weekend. Regular season ends Thanksgiving Weekend, conference finals the following weekend. Bowl games throughout December and National Championship is 2nd week in January.

    Division 1AA (FCS) starts weekend after Labor Day(?). First round of playoffs is Thanksgiving weekend, National Championship 3(?) weekends later.

    I don't know about the lower levels (Div. II, Div III, NAIA), you should be able to find it via google, as well as the college soccer schedule.
  13. dehoff03

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    Apr 22, 2016
    The FCS championship is the first or second Saturday in January, just before the FBS championship. This year it was January 5th, next year is January 11th.
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