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    Last season, I, along with a few diehard friends, embarked on my first three road trips following the Independence. After seeing Philly pick up 1 win at Boston, the 2-2 comeback tie in the 91st minute at New JERSEY, and another tie in the finals at Western New York (going on to lose the trophy only after 5 pK's) --- I must say that these were three of the most fun experiences I had with the WPS.

    The Autograph Alley at Boston is an amazing sight. The kids line up and stay nearly 45 minutes after the game to meet their favorite players on BOTH teams, even after a home team loss! It was sensational. Also, the Riptide is a well organized supporters club with drums and chants that echoed off the stadium's concrete walls. The food was legit too!

    The Jersey / Philly rivalry has been pretty boring so far as the fan atmosphere/attendance, but the two games we tied with them were very intense on the field. It seems as though the majority NJ fans don't even care that we have cultivated the 2nd best scorer in the league, who happens to be a former Sky Blue icon.

    The championship was the hardest fought second half of any WPS game I have attended. We rented a van and sent the 15 loudest of our fans (minus Howie who had previous engagements.) And the stadium had the best food in the WPS. *(Philly has the WORST - reheated papa johns!)

    Next year, I want to top this. Let's do Boston for real (if on a weekend). I want to go to 2 NJ games. And I want 200+ Philly support people to join me by caravan. It was a lot of fun last year but we need more people, so Let's do this!

    *Boston will cost about $20 round trip for megabus, plus $60 per person to get double occupancy hotel rooms.

    *NJ will cost about $15 in gas/tolls, give or take, or $25 on NJT/SEPTA + Rutgers shuttle.

    *WNY will cost $66 on megabus with one connection, $140 on Amtrak, or $75 driving. probably not so doable, unless a playoff weekend date occurs again, in which we could charter another bus for $30 to 50 per person roughly.

    *Atlanta is not even playing near the airport, and not near the playoffs, and probably won't qualify for worthwhile road trips.

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