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    Sep 21, 2013–21_UEFA_Nations_League

    The formula could be revised for the NL's 2nd season. Instead of 4 groups of 3 teams UEFA might opt for 4 teams in each League A group. In that case the 4 relegated teams stay up and we'll be joined by Ukraine, Bosnia, Sweden and Denmark from League B. Still rules should never be changed mid-game. Let's see if UEFA is a bit too eager to help out Germany or waits until the 3rd season.

    The League Stage will be drawn around late Jan. - early Feb. 2020.

    "As of the second edition, the composition of the four leagues will change on the basis of promotion and relegation based on the league rankings of the previous edition." - UEFA

    Even though it doesn't mention seeding it would be better to use the ranking from the previous edition:

    *these 4 promoted League B teams will either replace the 4 relegated League A ones or they'll simply be added in case UEFA change the rules.

    Pot 2 is a nice one to be in yet we could end up in a somewhat worse pot if UEFA go with another ranking (they should have decided this already). Possibly seeding could be based on the 2020 ECQs ranking, the most recent one. On 30 Nov. this ranking will be used in the final EURO2020 draw (together with the NL ranking for the play-offs).

    Also, the NL's 2nd season will probably be linked to the Qatar2022 WCQs. Around 24 Sep. UEFA expects to finalize its World Cup qualifying format.

    The winners of the 10 WCQ groups will qualify directly and runners-up enter the play-offs. A possible option is to add 2 teams based on their NL performance to the play-offs. So the 3 remaining Qatar2022 tickets would be contested by 12 teams (10 runners-up + 2 teams from the NL), 4 teams in each of the 3 play-off paths with semis and finals both being one-legged affairs.
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    Sep 21, 2013

    What was rumoured in my previous post is basically how it turned out. It looks like seeding will happen as the pic suggests (with the promoted teams in pot 3 and the bottom pot containing the relegated teams). Pot 2 is a nice one to be in, as I said before, and that's the one we'll get.

    The draw for the league phase will take place on 3 March 2020.

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