Ponce de León Cup Revival? (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Tampa Bay Rowdies' started by FNovoa, Jun 11, 2015.

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    I created this thread to gauge interest in seriously bringing back the Ponce de Leon Cup.

    (I'm not on facebook, so if you are please spread the word if you are interested.)

    If you don't remember, the PDL Cup was a fan driven cup between Miami FC and Puerto Rico Islanders fans. These fans wanted to create a fan driven cup to represent the passion and the ties between Florida and Puerto Rico. When FC Tampa Bay was announced in 2008 and started playing in 2010, I was asked if Tampa Bay fans / Ralph's Mob was interested in participating. (I was vp of the mob back then and was extremely interested) The fans decided that if more Florida and Puerto Rican teams joined that they would participate in this fan driven cup.

    There was a trophy created, lost and then destroyed. It had very limited/obscure interest overall, but between some hardcores of Miami FC, FC Tampa Bay (including myself) and Puerto Rico Islanders fans we still kept track even without a trophy. It was a fun, unique cup.

    With news that Puerto Rico Football Club broke today, I wanted to take the opportunity to gauge interest in seriously bringing back this cup to all teams in NASL in Florida and the PRFC.

    I am willing to partial fund a trophy, but I can't do it myself. We would need help to make this come about and be taken seriously. If anyone wants to talk ideas, suggestions and the like chat about it in this thread or PM me. I would love to see a cup in the NASL between teams in Florida and Puerto Rico.

    Spread the word.

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