Players who scored most goals in the history of football

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    Following from some comments I and other posters made in other threads, I’ll attempt here to make a list of the players who scored most official goals in the history of football.

    As many of you know, this subject is a matter of controversy among fans and historians, largely because some players (especially the Brazilians) count also many of the goals they scored in unofficial friendlies. Pelé’s case obviously comes to mind: according to himself (and, dangerously enough, to FIFA), he scored 1.281 goals, but this numbers counts many hundreds of goals he scored in unofficial matches -and should therefore not be taken into consideration in official lists.

    Now, there are many lists on the Internet which try to show who the best goalscorers of all time are. All of them are partially inaccurate, for one reason or another. Here’s one of the best, the one compiled by Vladimir Kolos for RSSSF (

    1. Bican, Josef (Austria, Bohemia/Moravia) - 805+
    2. Romário (Brazil) - 772
    3. Pelé (Brazil) - 767
    4. Puskás, Ferenc (Hungary) - 746+
    5. Müller, Gerd (Germany) - 735
    6. Deák, Ferenc (Hungary) - 576+
    7. Seeler, Uwe (Germany) - 575
    Tulio „Maravilha“ (Brazil) - 575
    9. Friedenreich, Artur (Brazil) - 557
    10. Willimowski, Ernst (Poland, Germany) - 554+
    11. Eusébio (Portugal) - 552
    12. McGrory, James(Scotland) - 550
    13. Binder, Franz (Austria) - 546+
    14. Peyroteo, Fernando (Portugal) - 544
    15. Sánchez, Hugo (Mexico) - 541+
    16. Walter, Fritz (Germany) - 539+
    17. Ronaldo, Cristiano (Portugal) - 536 *
    18. Takacs II, Jozsef (Hungary) - 523+
    19. Zsengeller, Gyula (Hungary) - 522+
    20. Zico (Brazil) - 522
    21. di Stéfano, Alfredo (Argentina, Spain) - 514+
    22. Krankl, Johann (Austria) - 514
    23. Nordahl, Gunnar (Sweden) - 513+
    24. Roberto Dinamite (Brazil) - 512
    25. Greaves, Jimmy (England) - 511
    26. Bene, Ferenc (Hungary) - 508+
    27. Messi, Lionel (Argentina) - 507 *
    28. Sarosi, Gyorg, Dr. (Hungary) - 495+
    29. Kocsis, Sandor (Hungary) - 493+
    30. Schlosser, Imre (Hungary) - 489+
    31. Larsson, Henrik (Sweden) - 470+

    Here’s the first 20 position of the list compiled by El Grafico, which updates the ranking every now and then:

    1. Romario (Brazil) – 762
    2. Bican (Czechoslowakia) – 761
    3. Pelé (Brazil) – 757
    4. Puskas (Hungary) – 709
    5. G. Müller (Germany) – 680
    6. Eusébio (Portugal) – 624
    7. Seeler (Germany) – 568
    8. Deák (Hungary) – 546
    9. Tulio (Brazil) – 545
    10. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) – 537
    11. Messi (Argentina) – 521
    12. Zico (Brazil) – 513
    13. Di Stéfano (Argentina) – 512
    14. Nordahl (Sweden) – 502
    15. Hugo Sanchez (Mexico) – 496
    16. McGrory (Scotland) – 493
    17. Roberto Dinamite (Brazil) – 492
    18. Zsengeller (Hungary) – 490
    19. Schlosser (Hungary) – 486
    20. Greaves (England) – 485

    Now, let’s see what we can come up with by trying to be as precise as possible and by counting all the official goals, but only the official goals. Let’s start with the most obvious name: Pelé.


    71 goals in first division national championship [34 in Brazil and 37 in the USA (NASL)]
    30 goals in the Taca Brasil [equated in 2010 to the national Brazilian championship by CBF]
    37 goals in the Torneio Roberto Gomes Pedrosa [equated in 2010 to the national Brazilian champ. by CBF]

    470 goals in the Campeonato Paulista
    49 goals in the Torneio Rio-Sao Paulo

    17 goals in the Copa Libertadores
    7 goals in the Intercontinental Cup
    3 goals in the Intercontinental Champions’ Supercup

    77 goals with the Brazilian national team

    6 goals in the 1959-60 Campeonato Brasileiro de Seleções Estaduais [championship of the Brazilian states] [see NOTE 1]

    TOTAL: 767 goals

    NOTE 1: I obtained the figure of 6 goals by cross-checking the list of the games that the state of Sao Paulo played in the 1959-60 championship with the list of all the games played and goals scored by Pelé that I found at this address:



    _the RSSSF page lists only 467 goals for Pelé in the Campeonato Paulista, but all other sources list 470.
    _the RSSSF page lists 7 goals for Pelé in the Campeonato Brasileiro de Seleções Estaduais, but as I note above I counted 6. (And I’m not even 100% sure these goals should be counted as officials.)
    _the RSSSF page also lists other 2 goals scored by Pelé for the Sao Paulo Selection and 1 in the South American military championship, but I won’t count them because I don’t think they are official.
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    Well this is a great thread i must say...mate,do you have any info on the number of matches the said players participated[official matches,of course]to arrive at these figures[goals].If possible you could make a mention of that so that the averages can be obtained for all the players.Once again great effort mate....
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    I agree completely with your list of goals of Pele. I don't see any reason for not including the goals in the Campeonato de Seleçoes Estaduais which was organized by CBD.

    I looked for goals of Romario


    311 goals in first division national championship (154 in Brazil, 98 in Netherlands, 39 in Spain, 19 in USA, 1 in Australia)
    51 goals in national cups (36 in Brazil, 14 in Netherlands, 1 in Spain)

    233 goals in Campeonato Carioca
    36 goals in Torneo Rio-Sao Paulo
    4 goals in Taça Maravilhosa
    2 goals in 1987 Campeonato Brasileiro de Seleçoes Estaduais

    20 goals in European Cup/Champions League
    4 goals in Copa Libertadores
    24 goals in Copa Mercosur
    2 goals in Supercopa Libertadores

    1 goal in Intercontinental Cup
    3 goals in Club World Cup

    5 goals in 1985 South American U-20 Championship
    7 goals in 1988 Olympic Games
    55 goals with Brazilian national team

    TOTAL ROMARIO: 758 goals

    I don´t include:
    - 2 goals in 2005 Campeonato Brasileiro in canceled games where the goals were invalid
    - Goals in friendly matches with youth Brazilian national team, I only include goals in friendly matches with absolute national team
    - 2 goals in 1996 Copa dos Campeoes Mundiais. I´m not very sure about this tournament. Although it´s recognized by CBF it´s a tournament organized by a TV with the Brazilian teams winners of previous editions of Intercontinental Cup, not all the winners only the Brazilian ones. UEFA and CONMEBOL are the organizers of the Intercontinental Cup and don´t recognized this tournament.

    I looked many different sources but this link I think it´s a reliable list of the goals of Romario including friendly matches:
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    I checked and Pele scored 467 goals in Campeonato Paulista as RSSSF says
    Here there is a list where I think all goals in Paulista's are except 1 goal of Pele on 23 Sept 1964 match,
    Another lists to compare for example:
    By season I have the next goals in Campeonato Paulista: 1957-36 goals, 1958-58 goals, 1959-46 goals, 1960-32 goals, 1961-47 goals, 1962- 37 goals, 1963-22 goals, 1964-34 goals, 1965-49 goals, 1966-12 goals, 1967-16 goals, 1968-17 goals, 1969-26 goals, 1970-7 goals, 1971-6 goals, 1972-9 goals, 1973-11 goals, 1974-2 goals

    TOTAL PELE: 764 goals
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    Well Kudos to both schus and Puskas1988 for their efforts to research into the legitimate number of goals scored by legends Pele and Romario.Great work friends.This has now become a source material.So is it 764 goals in 814 matches for Pele?
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    Thanks Caspian, but I didn´t investigate about the number of matches of Pele or any other. That's another job.

    I looked for goals of Josef Bican. This is more difficult because there isn´t so much information but this is what I found

    Josef Bican

    goals in first division national championship (71 in Austria, 206 in Czechoslovakia, 242 in Bohemia and Moravia)
    51 goals in second division Czechoslovakian championship

    18 goals in Wiener Cup/Austrian Cup
    30 goals in Cesky Pohar
    58 goals in Stredocesky Pohar
    20 goals in Osvobozeni Pohar

    15 goals in Central European Cup

    29 goals with national teams (14 with Austria, 12 with Czechoslovakia, 3 with Bohemia and Moravia)

    TOTAL JOSEF BICAN: 739 goals

    Some pages about his years in Austria are:
    About goals in first division championships I found different sources and I got the number 518, the same than IFFHS. However RSSSF has 16 goals in 1944 but I didn´t find that there were any championship in 1944/45, and they also have 3 goals more in Bohemian championship. So total goals in first division by RSSSF is 537.
    About goals in second division and in Czechoslovakian cup tournaments (cesky, stredocesky and osvobozeni pohar) I only found partial information so this data is completely taken from RSSSF:
    A page with information about Slavia Praha and these tournaments:
    I don´t include 4 goals in 1952 Ceskoslovensky Pohar because different sources say it's an unofficial tournament, included RSSSF.
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    Jun 10, 2017
    Gerd Müller

    goals in fifth level German league (Bezirksliga Schwaben)
    2 goals in fourth level German league (Landesliga Bayern-Süd)
    33 goals in second level German league (Regionalliga Süd)
    6 goals in promotion playoff in second level German league

    405 goals in first division national championship (365 in Germany, 40 in USA)
    80 goals in German Cup
    12 goals in German League Cup

    34 goals in European Cup
    20 goals in Cup Winners' Cup
    7 goals in Inter-Cities Fairs Cup
    4 goals in UEFA Cup
    3 goals in UEFA Super Cup
    5 goals in International Football Cup
    1 goal in Intercontinental Cup

    68 goals with German national team

    TOTAL GERD MÜLLER: 731 goals

    I don´t consider 1 goal with U23 Germany because I only consider the goals with youth national teams if they are in World Cup, Continental Cups or Olympic Games.
    I consider official 51 goals in Bezirksliga Schwaben (5th level) with TSV 1861 Nördlingen and 2 goals in Landesliga Bayern-Süd (4th level) with Bayern Amateure because they belong to the Bavarian Football Association which ranks within the German football league system:

    Müller goals by team:
    51 goals in TSV 1861 Nördlingen
    2 goals in Bayern Amateure
    570 goals in Bayern München
    40 goals in Fort Lauderdale Strikers
    68 goals in Germany
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    Jun 10, 2017

    goals in first division national championship (319 in Portugal, 22 in USA, 1 in Mexico)
    5 goals in second level national championship (3 in Portugal, 2 in USA)
    77 goals in Mozambique regional championship

    97 goals in national Taça de Portugal
    8 goals in regional Taça da Honra

    46 goals in European Cup
    7 goals in Cup Winners' Cup
    4 goals in Inter-Cities Fairs Cup
    2 goals in Intercontinental Cup

    41 goals with Portuguese national team

    TOTAL EUSEBIO: 629 goals

    - I put 319 goals in Primeira Liga (316 with Benfica and 3 with Beira-Mar) because IFFHS and RSSSF have this number, however I found only 315 goals with Benfica. Maybe the difference is one goal in a 7-0 match against Belenenses in 1968 where some give the goal to Eusebio and others say that it's an auto goal.
    Here I put some link with information although could there be some difference
    - I didn't find any information about the goals in Mozambique with Sporting de Lourenço Marques so I give for valid this data from internet.
    - I don´t know where is the limit about which match is official or not, but I decided to consider the goals in the district tournament Taça da Honra because it´s organized by a football association, the Associaçao de Futebol de Lisboa.
    - I put 5 goals in second level leagues (3 in Portugal with Uniao de Tomar and 2 goals in USA, ASL II, with New Jersey Americans). In many places say that Eusebio scored 5 goals in ASL but I only found 2. In this link appears the 2 goals in 1978 regular season:
    After regular season Eusebio played 3 playoff games, but I couldn´t find any goal more. In this league there is a punctuation system which consists in 2 points for each goal and 1 point for each assist and Eusebio got 5 points totally, maybe this is the motive of the confussion.

    Eusebio goals by team:
    77 goals in Sporting de Lourenço Marques
    480 goals in Benfica
    2 goals in Boston Minutemen
    1 goal in Monterrey
    18 goals in Toronto Metros-Croatia
    3 goals in Beira-Mar
    2 goals in Las Vegas Quicksilvers
    3 goals in Uniao de Tomar
    2 goals in New Jersey Americans
    41 goals in Portugal

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    Nat'l Team:
    CR7 will be the number one, soon, very soon......
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    At the end of the season 2017/2018, after the Russia World Cup 2018:

    Cristiano Ronaldo : 663 goals
    Lionel Messi : 641 goals

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