Philly soccer bars showing the final live? Anyone?

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Independence' started by Charge!, Aug 23, 2011.

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    Not Tir Na Nog, and the Dark Horse Pub when you try to contact them on their webpage yields a 404 error message. If there is such a fan gathering, hopefully there will be a substantial SoB presence, as the Union game is on Sunday afternoon.

    Any help appreciated.
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    I have been SO disappointed in Fado this season. It is a so called "official pub partner" of the UNION, yet it has taken more interest in bachlorette parties and trivia nights than Union and Phillies games, which are sometimes shown on a smaller screen, but hardly ever the big screen anymore when I am there. Which is just a damn shame, because I had watched our last minute comeback win at the Revolution from FADO last season, and some of the Phillies postseason games in 2009, back when that place still was trying to create a sports vibe. Whatever you agree on, don't pick Phado. I think you should try to get Kildare's (Manayunk?) since they are centrally located and have been good to our cheesesteaks. I'm fed-up with Fado.

    Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Columbus/Union game on at a TGI Fridays in Delaware. Perhaps a chain restaurant bar is a good place to select, because it can be easy to take over the TV as opposed to a sports bar where you have to contend with ... whatever other fans are happening to watch on a Saturday afternoon... which means, get ready for some "crucial" (their word - emphasis mine!) Freaking NFL pre-season match-ups and it's not even a Sunday! Are the Eagles playing? I don't know! Who the ---- cares!
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    off-topic but just thought I'd mention - you Philly fans already probably know that the owner of a famous cheesesteaks stand, Geno's, passed away. Picked up the news on Yahoo.
  4. pasoccerdad

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    He was a sponsor of the supporters group...
  5. Toshack10

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    Not a big fan of Fado any more either. Some out of town mates were trying to watch some EPL preseason friendly and were told by Fado management they will only show games involving Philadelphia teams as they aren't a sports bar, but Fado has EPL ads all over their website. It's a shame because I used to have good times at Fado.

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