Pekerman was almost coach of USA before Berhalter

Discussion in 'USA Men: News & Analysis' started by Chaliaaaj, Sep 9, 2019.

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    I get that but he gets such cred as this great manager yet couldn't beat a cynical Chile twice when he had Messi? I'm just saying he's a very good manager but had Berhalter done that we'd be jumping all over him for it (and I'm not implying Berhalter is a better manager).
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    I’d forgive GGG if he had Argentina’s record and quality. With or without Copa or WC wins.
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    Yeah I'll agree Tata isn't amazing. He would've lasted longer at Barcelona if he was more than just good.
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    Haha. I've never been completely sold on Berhalter. I wanted somebody else. But here's what I do know: Berhalter is smart. Really smart. And a hard worker. But he lacks experience, and I don't know if he can fill in those holes fast enough. We shall see. We've got a young team with a few talented individuals. At the halfway point, if it looks like we won't qualify, they'll have to dump GGG and get someone else. Let's hope that scenario doesn't play out. Also, I think Trapp has no business being on the national team, so no, I do not support every Berhalter decision.

    Nevertheless, none of that has anything to do with Pekerman. Pekerman had 2 bad substitutions, not 1. When the pressure came on, he pooped his pants like Al Roker, and completely lost the plot. That 2006 team was absolutely loaded with talent. They should have won the tournament. A more courageous approach and they would have!
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    Ugh, so i guess we can write off Almeyda then too huh :(
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    Dec 15, 1999
    I recently started pondering the idea of Santiago Solari for the job.
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    Do we really want a coach who went to college?
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    Don't worry, he never graduated!
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    Can he please come now? I'm sure he can learn how to say "press", "pass it to Pulisic", "shoot the ball" and "center it" and will probably do a better job than Berhalter.
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    Isn’t that discriminatory in a way?

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