MLS Playoff Squares (Office Pool)

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    MLS Playoff Squares
    MLS playoff square pools rely on chance rather than skill to decide the winner -- which doesn't mean they aren't entertaining. Draw an 6x6 grid on a sheet of paper, and have participants write their name on one or more squares. Each box can cost $xx. Once the grid is filled with names, place the logos of the eight Eastern Conference playoff teams in one hat, and the Western Conference playoff teams in another. Place the first Eastern team drawn atop the first square on the top row, and continue across until each is labeled with a conference team. Place the first Western team drawn to the left of the first square, and continue placing teams on the rows below until the final team left is placed on the bottom row. The winner is the one whose name is on the square that intersects with the two teams that reach the MLS Cup final.

    Mini payouts can be given to teams that reach quarters or semis as well (depending on amount of money collected)

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