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    Here is one from March. Can we compare this one?

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    It is baffling to me why posters like you (almost always MLS fans) simply find it hard to acknowledge a simple truth that players in better leagues are by and large better than those in lesser leagues. It’s not f***ing difficult to understand.

    It’s been that way since I joined this board (years before you).
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    You're one of those people guilty of assuming that everyone else conforms to your very silly, one-dimensional strawman depictions of their thought process. You see, I shouldn't have to point this out if you and other posters didn't repeatedly, time and again make use "but Newcastle!" "but BL1!" "but Ajax!" in response to legitimate observations about players, their play, and their comparative value and use in our program.
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  4. In the Orange team that did beat Germany away with 2-4 of the 14 that made the pitch, 9 have a past in that league!
    Also superstars started there like Ruud van Nistelrooij.
    According to this Dutch article those players had played a total of 213 matches in that league.
    How important that league is, see also my post in the Ledezma thread about it, is shown by this quote:

    ,,Spelen in de eerste divisie is voor jonge jongens zeer bepalend’', stelt Marcel Brands. De huidige directeur van Everton voerde eerder als PSV-directeur campagne voor toetreding van de ‘Jong-teams’ tot de eerste divisie. Brands liet ook onderzoek doen en leerde daaruit: ,,Gemiddeld 75 procent van de spelers die de laatste acht halen van de Champions League, speelde op hun 18de seniorenvoetbal.’’

    "Playing in the first division (in the Netherlands the second tier is called first division as the top tier has a name ;fsf) is very determinative for young boys," argues Marcel Brands. The current director of Everton previously campaigned as PSV director for the "Young teams" to join the first division. Brands also had research done and it learned him: "On average, 75 percent of the players who make it to the last eight of the Champions League played on their 18th senior football."
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    The only observations I recall you making are one-sided criticisms of yedlin and brooks as not world class. I don’t recall you comparing them to the unproven options but didn’t go looking for it. Not sure how that qualifies as legitimate as it sounds like a tighter version of JuveChelsea’s ramblings that level of club play isn’t a major indicator of a USMNT pool player’s ability and slagging the relatively small number of players who compete and play at a major league level every day.
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    You don’t seem to understand the difference between the following:

    1. players on a mid-table teams who get regular minutes
    2. Players on top 30 teams who only play for their Academy/reserve teams

    Kenny Cooper, olosunde and zelalem clearly fit into the second bracket which you are using to discredit the first one. Why don’t you find actual players in the first bucket to prove your point?

    Next, I never said that “club stamp of approval” means something - Ive consistently said that getting regular minutes at a major league club IS a very strong signifier of a player’s ability for the USMNT. You’re the one who isn’t understanding a pretty simple point.

    I will happily take the L if you can show that I’ve been espousing Academy/reserve players as a rule for USMNT rosters. If you look at the 2022 roster thread, you will actually see that I pull out those exact players and explicitly say that it’s hard to compare them to players getting time.

    I’ll again ask the questions: do you acknowledge that you were wrong when you said that

    1. Kenny Cooper got a national team cap because he received first team minutes at ManU

    2. Historically, USMNT players who got reasonable minutes for Big 4 teams were starters for the USMNT.

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