Matteo Guendouzi - Le Roi Lion

Discussion in 'Arsenal' started by Shen-O, Sep 23, 2019.

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    As the first person who biggied this boy up last season, this French Lion King...and our future captain, I thought he earned his own thread.

    May his amazing development continue! Proud of you son!

    All the hail the new King!

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    Great talent

    Needs a proper midfield around him

    Hopefully lt can help and drop Chaka
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    Don't know who was the first to tout Guendouzi, but I'm pretty sure I liked him (publicly) right from the get go.

    I was amazed at how such a youngster could hit the ground running, with virtually no bedding-in period. And so quickly work his way into our XI.

    Vive Le Roi!
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