Matt Eliason in Iceland

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    Former Northwestern men’s soccer player Matt Eliason has signed a professional contract with Throttur FC of the Iceland First Division. Eliason is scheduled to begin preseason in April when Throttur travels to England to begin training for the season, which runs from May-September.

    Eliason was on trial with the club earlier in the winter and after scoring a goal and assist in his only appearance, worked out a contract with his club.

    Club site:

    The club's name can be a little difficult to remember, so the mnemonic device I like to use is to just say "Knattspyrnufélagið Þróttur."

    You might remember Eliason as Bicycle Kick Guy.

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    Icelandic second division if I'm reading Wiki correctly. Good for him. I know he trialed with the Red Bulls last year as well.
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    YEs, the 1 Deild is the 2nd level of Iceland. We've had (have?) a few YAs there.
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    There are currently 7 Yanks there that I am aware of (not counting Matt). Matthew Ratajczak at Fjolnir, Matt Horth at Leiknir Reykjavik (new this year), Jordan Banco, Rodrigo Morin, Ruben Resendes, and Christopher Tsonis at Tindastoll, and Evan Schwartz at Vikingur Reykjavik (maybe? He's still listed there on database sites, but doesn't appear to have played at all for them last year).
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