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    In a college club game I was involved in a similar situation. One team was undefeated coming into the game. The game was tied at 86 minutes with 5 yellows. I was AR and the ref called a PK, which gave the undefeated team a win to continue their streak. The losers were over the top with anger at losing and blamed the ref crew. After the end of the game we had to issue a red for OFFINABUS.

    The emotion is a tricky thing to manage, especially with adult players. The foul is usually a product of frustration and lack of control. The PK call exacerbates the emotion. After making the call to back toward the goal line is one obvious move.

    What other techniques have you all used to manage these kinds of situations?
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    The knee might be barely over.
    Impossible to tell because I can't guarantee I got it exactly right.
    The touch might have been sooner and so he would have been even more onside.
    But the flag should have stayed down on this.

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    Sorry I don't buy the PK handbal call or Jair's "chicken wing" defense. It was a short distance. It hit very near the top of the shoulder. He did not move his arm or shoulder into the path of the ball. Finally his arm was against his body and not out "chicken winging" as Jair suggest with his motions to the Bolivian players.
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    I'm pretty sure that Marrufo didn't want to call that PK. He didn't whistle until after his AR signaled for the foul. Maybe Marrufo did not have a clear view of the play, and he was going off of the info given to him by the AR.
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