Legendary Footballers that are still alive (age 90 and beyond)

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    Alfred Körner
    Austrian international forward (47 caps, 14 goals) who played for Rapid and Admira between 1942 and 1961 is 91 (92 on Feb. 14 this year)

    Ivor Broadis
    Now 96, he was capped 14 times (8 goals) for England between 1951 and 1954 and played as a forward Sunderland, Man.City and Newcastle among other clubs between 1946 and 1960.

    Arturo Farias
    Chilean defender, now 91, who played 24 times for his country and was active for Colo Colo.

    Giampiero Boniperti
    38 caps for Italy between 1947 and 1960, a Juve legend at 90 years.

    Francois Remetter
    French goalkeeper (26 caps between 1953 and 1959) - 90 years.

    Theodor Wagner
    Austrian forward, now 91, who was capped 46 times (22 goals) between 1946 and 1957.

    Tommy Docherty
    Scottish legend (25 caps) is 90 - most notable for his time at Preston NE between 1949-1958.

    Soon to be 90: José Santamaria and Antonio Carbajal (hopefully).
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    Horst Eckel is the older WC winner alive, but he is surprisingly "just" 86.
    edit: Looks someone who won the WC 4 years later is even older (Zagallo - 87)
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    Dec 8, 2018
    Amadeo Carrizo, 92.
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    Reino Börjesson (b. 1929) turned 90 years old on 4 February. He appeared in 4 of the 6 games that Sweden played in the 1958 FIFA World Cup: Wales, Soviet, West Germany & Brazil.

    Börjesson is one of 3 surviving players from WC 58, the others being Kurt Hamrin & Agne Simonsson.

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    Jan 30, 2018
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    Soviet Union striker Nikita Simonyan (b. 1926) is another 92-year-old footballer who is still with us. He is the all-time goal scorer for Spartak Moscow, and captained Soviet at the 58 WC when Igor Netto got injured. He is also a gold medalist at the 1956 Olympics.

    French footballer Dominique Colonna (b. 1928). He reminisced over Roger Piantoni after his death last May, so there is recent evidence of him being alive. Being a goalkeeper, Colonna was a sub at the 1958 World Cup, but had a good career at club level in teams like Stade Francais & Reims.
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    Jan 30, 2018
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    Here are a few more names:

    Arthur Smith & George Haigh (b. 1915) are mentioned here solely because they hold the distinction of being the oldest-living known footballers. Their respective careers weren't that remarkable, but their longevity is impressive and they are links to the 1930s-era football. Smith was a winger, while Haigh was a forward.

    Rogério Pipi (b. 1922) is a 96-year-old Portuguese forward who scored a ton of goals at Benfica. He is the club's 6th-highest goal scorer of all time. 15 caps and 2 goals for Portugal in total. Link to Dec 2018 article.

    Bobby Brown (b. 1923) is a Scottish goalkeeper who spent the majority of his career at Rangers. He was inducted into the Scottish HoF in 2015. He later managed Scotland. He is 95 at the moment Link.

    Herbert Binkert (b. 1923) is the short-lived national team Saarland's joint-top scorer. Ok, 6 goals isn't all that much, but he scored all the more goals at FC Saarbrücken. Article from Sept 2018.

    Reg Harrison
    (b. 1923) is another 95-year-old footballer. The English right-winger won the FA Cup back in 1946. Recent article here.

    Robert Van Kerkhoven (b. 1924) is a Belgian midfielder who's not that well-known. He was part of the 1954 WC squad, and confirmed alive back in 2016. He is 94 right now.

    Kees Rijvers (b. 1926) is a Dutch midfielder aged 92. Most known for being a successful manager at PSV (won the UEFA Cup), he was also an accomplished player, in both Eredivisie & Ligue 1. 33 caps/10 goals for his NT, as well as being a member of the 1948 Olympics squad. Video from March 2018.

    Marko Valok (b. 1927) is a Yugoslavian striker. Spent most of his career at Partizan Belgrade, and holds the distinction of scoring most goals in the derbies vs. Red Star. He is 91 now. An article from 2017 here

    Dagoberto Moll
    (b. 1927) is a 91-year-old forward from Uruguay. Was at his peak at Deportivo La Coruña in the early-1950s. Moll was capped 6 times, and was part of the 1949 Copa América squad. Photo from a year ago.

    Juan José Pizzuti
    (b. 1927) is an Argentine striker who was incredibly prolific back in his prime, especially at Racing Club. He helped Argentina win the 1959 Copa América. Article from May 2018 here. He's 91.

    Kurt Sommerlatt (b. 1928) is a German midfielder, part of the 1952 Olympics squad. Played for Bayern for a few years. 2017 article.
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