Kenneth Kronholm at Holstein Kiel [R]

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    Now does he unseat Ousted? One would think he has a legit shot.
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    Ousted sucks, so he has a pretty solid chance IMO.
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    damn, what happened to him to fall so low
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    He's back in the US now, but here's an interview that answers some of the questions we had about his background: You were born in Virginia to American and German parents. What’s the story on your return to Germany?

    Kenneth Kronholm: “It’s a classic story. My father was with the army in Heidelberg, Germany, and met my mother. My mother came with my father to Virginia to get married. My brother was born. I was born. Then, my mother came back to Germany because she had a better job, so after two weeks in America, I was going to be a German boy (laughs). After a couple years, I was four or five, my mother went back to America because of the job, and my grandmother said, ‘No this boy is staying here.’ So I grew up with the rest of the family in Germany and I liked it. I liked it a lot. I had everything there - my friends, some soccer places around our house - so I started to play soccer. I went to Wolfsburg when I was 16, so I left my house in Germany in the south and went to Wolfsburg in the north. That was the start of my career.” Did you return to visit the U.S. often while growing up in Germany?

    KK: “I visited my mother when I was maybe 12 just for the summer vacation for six weeks. We visited Florida and Walt Disney World for a couple of days, and that’s it. I was always happy when I came back to Germany at that moment, because I wanted to play soccer in Germany. It’s a good league with a lot of good teams, so I wanted to do it that way.”
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    how's he performing in MLS?

    An ideal opportunity to compare/contrast MLS and 2 Bundesliga.
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    1. Personally, I've found judging mid-season MLS arrivals to be fruitless. I think the amount of travel and playstyle of the league makes it tougher to acclimate to than other leagues.

    2. That being said, I think he hasn't been amazing this season. Statistically, his GA - xGA is 5th worst in the league. I haven't watched too many Fire games since he arrived, so Fire fans might have a different perspective, but I didn't think he was a standout in the games I have watched. To be clear, he's not bad, he's just not a top-10 keeper.

    But again, I don't think it's great to evaluate a player without a full pre-season. Clint Dempsey looked like a disappointment in his first half-season in Seattle: 1 goal 0 assists in 12 appearances. So who knows what next year could hold for Kronholm.
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