How come the Brazilian Women are wearing 5 Stars?

Discussion in 'USA Women: News and Analysis' started by Stevie Blue, Jun 13, 2019.

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    How come the Brazilian women are wearing 5 stars above their crest. They didn't win them their men did.

    So does this mean the USMNT can wear the US women's 3 stars?
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    Yes, but it would mean they would have to swap pay compensation.
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    This confused me profoundly for the first time I saw it, and for years I thought it was just Brazil being pretentious. No one corrected me [perhaps because it may still partially be the reason] until an American Outlaw in Tampa back in March pointed out that it's the case with many women's national teams around the world that the federation simply does not give the women's team their own crest to wear on their own kits. Until they win a World Cup of their own, such a women's team simply shares a crest with its counterpart men's team, stars and all.

    I think this phenomenon is just particularly egregious for Brazil because the men's team has five World Cup wins and the women's team has zero. It's also particularly bizarre when they play the U.S. and the suggestion is that between them they've won more Women's World Cups (5 + 3 = 8 total) than have ever been played in history (7). It will be funny if Brazil ever wins a WWC watching them have to, ironically enough, downgrade the crest on their kits down to one star.

    It also really annoyed me when Nike used as an excuse to refuse to sell to fans U.S. [at that time] two-star jerseys in men's sizes the reasoning that it would be impliedly men taking credit for World Cup victories earned by a women's team. The fans and even the actual players of the Brazil's women's national team also sponsored by Nike had for years done the reverse and no one seemed to be bothered by the double standard.

    An added wrinkle I noticed at that game in Tampa: while the deceptive five-star Brazil WNT crest featured on the SheBelieves Cup banner with the other three crests, Japan's crest did not include the single star for the World Cup actually won by their women's national team, although I believe it does appear on their kits.
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    I thought the men actually did wear the 3 stars, at least on the current iteration of their jersey. People were pissed off about it.
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    It’s on the fan’s stadium jersey which people wear to men’s and women’s matches. The USMNT doesn’t sport three stars on their kit. Here it is in the recent match against Venezuela.


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