HD full matches from the 2002 and 2006 world cup

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    It is a life long passion project of mine to maintain a video of every USA world cup goal.

    Recently I found that several full games from the 2002 cup had been uploaded to youtube, but these are not the same as the broadcasts that I had always seen. They are in high definition 1080p, filmed separately from the standard broadcast. Needless to say this got me very excited.

    However, it isn't a complete series. While the Quarterfinals and beyond are all there. There are only about 12 games from the group stage and only one round of 16 game; meaning over two third of the tournament is missing. By some fabulous stroke of luck, the USA matches are all there except for the Mexico game.

    Similarly, the main broadcast of the 2006 cup was all in HD, but you can't find many of these games in HD anymore. There is a decent HD copy of the USA/Italy game and I assume all the italy games are out there too but many of the other games are missing in HD including the USA games.. As I understand, many of these HD games were on MEGA upload and may have been lost several years ago, 2012 I think it was. But it seems to me like someone had to have their own copies somewhere.

    So I'm reaching out to my fellow enthusiasts. Do you have any leads on the missing HD games from 2002 and 2006. again I am most interested in USA/Mexico 2002 and USA/Ghana 2006, however I think myself and others would love to be able to watch these complete tournaments in HD. Please help us complete these sets!

    For those of you interested, here is the HD playlist for 2002.


    note that some of the videos don't play and that the commentary is in korean. you can also find several of these HD games on footballia, with some in english or german. footballia also has some HD 2006 matches including the italy games and late stage matchups.

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