Greetings from Atlanta, GA

Discussion in 'Introductions Board' started by Procala, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Procala

    Procala New Member

    Atlanta Unnited
    United States
    Aug 3, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Hey everyone,

    So, I am actually a mod of another forum, but having been the only American and talking to myself about the MLS and whatnot, I am searching elsewhere. :ninja:

    I grew up an Inter Milan fan, and have been to San Siro a few times. Was a Silverbacks ST holder for 5 years, and now my wife and I are Atlanta United ST Holders.

    Other than that, I am 31, born in Lilburn, GA, and went to High School with this famous chap named Jeff Francouer. I have lived in Russia and China, went to the University of Alabama (Roll Tide).

    Other than that, wife and I are expecting our first kid, so we have had to sell some of our tickets as the heat isnt' good for her, but we catch as many games as possible. We are actually going up to Columbus for our next match against the Crew.

    I'm also trying to learn Spanish, and so I will attempt to watch Liga MX. Nice to see there are some Liga MX fans here as well.

    Roll Tide, Rise Up, and Jo--Josef Martinez!
  2. juli groth

    juli groth New Member

    Jul 3, 2017

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  3. Jesus the Man

    Jesus the Man New Member

    Jul 19, 2017
    Welcome, Procala!

    I'm Brazilian but the MLS is not very followed around here, who is the best team at the moment?

    Kind regards from a Palmeiras Fan!
  4. EvanJ

    EvanJ Member+

    Manchester United
    United States
    Mar 30, 2004
    Nassau County, NY
    Manchester United FC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
  5. Sharntroy

    Sharntroy New Member

    Manchester United
    United States
    Sep 19, 2017
    Good stuff Procala! I hope to make it to a United game in ATL one day as my mother in law lives in ATL metro. Good Luck United!
  6. EitherFootYouChoose

    EitherFootYouChoose New Member

    FC Porto
    Oct 21, 2017
  7. EitherFootYouChoose

    EitherFootYouChoose New Member

    FC Porto
    Oct 21, 2017
    Atl, home of The Black Lips, my favorite band
  8. hanginglanguage

    Nov 23, 2017
    Welcome from your board
  9. anikbdvvc

    anikbdvvc New Member

    Real Madrid
    Oct 2, 2018
    nice articel

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