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Discussion in 'Collectors' started by Skizz, Jan 13, 2008.

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    Howdy, I'm biggSKIZZ and I'm the new moderator for the Collectors forum as of today (13 January 2008). Not too much will change around here, but there will be clearer forum guidelines based on those stated by John_Harkes_6, the previous mod, as specified below.

    The main rule is this – the Collectors forum is for the purpose of discussing your collection, trying to find a piece of your collection, or selling something that is collectible. Therefore, before you post advertising things you are selling, ask yourself whether what you are trying to sell is rare or valuable. Examples:

    Your boots – no
    Match worn and player issue boots – yes
    A football shirt – no
    A match worn shirt – yes

    Anything that is classified as a no can be advertised for sale in the SwapShop forum. Also, this forum is for soccer related collections so anything that does not pertain to this will be deleted.

    Other things to note:

    1. When selling, please note this forum is for the sale or trade of personal items only. If you advertise any items which are being sold in bulk, or you post a link to your online store, your thread will be closed immediately.

    2. Buying, selling and trading on this forum is purely at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for non payment or non reciept of items, and any transactions are made at your own risk. Therefore, eBay listings are welcomed, and recommended. This way, buyer and seller are protected by the site's trading policies.

    3. Non-authentic items will be deleted from the board and violators may be yellow carded.

    4. Finally, please use your common sense. Be wary of members offering deals which are too good to be true, as most of the time they probably are.

    Selling your collectibles

    We would suggest, as above, that you auction your items through eBay for additional buyer and seller protection, however this is up to you.

    Signing up for an account at a photo hosting site (E.G. enables you to post pictures of your item on this site. Posting good quality pictures of your item will help you sell your item and generate more interest.

    When you open your thread, please start the thread title “FOR SALE -” or “SWAP -”

    If you receive questions from members, we recommend that you post these, along with the answer, in your thread. The more information you post on your items, the more attention they will get.

    When your item is sold, please post this in your thread, so I can close the thread for you.

    Following a sale, please negotiate to the Buyer/Seller feedback thread in the SwapShop forum and post some comments about the transaction. This will help build trust among members, and will also help us weed out the fakers/scammers.

    Buying collectibles

    Please state clearly “WANTED -” in the thread title.

    Please be as specific as possible as to what you want. Posting pics of the item or as much additional information as possible will give you a better chance of getting what you are after and completing your collection.

    If you are successful in getting the item you want, please post this in your thread so I can close it.


    That's it for the moment. If you have any ideas for additions to this list or have any questions, feel free to PM me.


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