English & Scottish Work Permit Requirements

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    This is pretty much a copy/paste of @ArsenalMetro's work that he posted in the winter YA transfer tracker. He thought--and I agree--that it deserves its own thread, since so many questions arise as to who does and doesn't qualify for a English or Scottish work permit. If you find anything that needs correcting, please post in this thread. English requirements first, then Scottish.


    Questions about a player's UK work permit eligibility seem to come up in a lot of threads, so I wanted to go through and figure out who's automatically eligible and post it here for easy reference.

    From the Premier League website: "The UK Home Office has a points-based system based on which clubs must apply to The FA for a "Governing Body Endorsement [GBE]" for such players."

    From the Premier League handbook:

    "The FA will automatically grant a player a GBE under either Tier 2 or Tier 5 if the applicant club is able to show that that player has participated in the Required Percentage of senior Competitive International Matches played by that player’s National Association during the Reference Period [24 months preceding the application]."

    Required Percentage means:
    • 30% and above for National Associations ranked between 1 and 10 of the FIFA World Rankings
    • 45% and above for National Associations ranked between 11 and 20 of the FIFA World Rankings
    • 60% and above for National Associations ranked between 21 and 30 of the FIFA World Rankings
    • 75% and above for National Associations ranked between 31 and 50 of the FIFA World Rankings

    If a player was officially unavailable for selection for any of the matches in question, that doesn't really matter for the automatic GBE granting: "Such matches may be counted as non-appearances when calculating the Required Percentage."

    In order to qualify for a Tier 2 visa, which non-EU (for now) American players would be aiming for, an applicant needs to score 70 points on the UK Home Office Points-Based Immigration system. An applicant gets 50 for the GBE, 10 for speaking English, and 10 for having the funds to settle in the UK (£945 in a bank account demonstrates that). So, in short, getting the GBE means that an American player is going to be eligible for a UK work permit.

    tl;dr: The USMNT is currently ranked 25th in the world, so any American applying for a UK work permit who wants an automatic endorsement from the relevant UK Football Association needs to have played in 60% of the US's competitive matches over the past 24 months.

    The US has played 14 competitive matches in the 24 months preceding this January transfer window. They are:

    3/24/2017 - v. Honduras (WCQ)
    3/28/2017 - at Panama (WCQ)
    6/8/2017 - v. Trinidad and Tobago (WCQ)
    6/11/2017 - at Mexico (WCQ)
    7/8/2017 - v. Panama (GC)
    7/12/2017 - v. Martinique (GC)
    7/15/2017 - v. Nicaragua (GC)
    7/19/2017 - v. El Salvador (GC)
    7/22/2017 - v. Costa Rica (GC)
    7/26/2017 - v. Jamaica (GC)
    9/1/2017 - v. Costa Rica (WCQ)
    9/5/2017 - at Honduras (WCQ)
    10/6/2017 - v. Panama (WCQ)
    10/10/2017 - v. Trinidad and Tobago (WCQ)

    To hit 60%, a player has to have played in 9 matches. Completely ignoring any other citizenship status of US players, the following players, and only the following players, would be automatically granted a Governing Body Endorsement if they were signed by a club in the United Kingdom, with the number of appearances they had in the matches listed above in parentheses:

    Paul Arriola (11)
    Michael Bradley (11)
    Omar Gonzalez (11)
    Darlington Nagbe (11)
    Kellyn Acosta (10)
    Jozy Altidore (10)
    Clint Dempsey (10)
    Jorge Villafana (10)
    Tim Howard (9)
    Graham Zusi (9)


    To be eligible for a Governing Body Endorsement under PBS:
    1. A player must have played for his/her country in at least 75% of its competitive "A" team matches he/she was available for selection, during the 2 years preceding the date of the application; and
    2. The player’s country must be at or above 70th place in the official FIFA World Rankings when averaged over the 2 years preceding the date of the application

    Source: 2018-19 Scottish FA Handbook

    That's it. Any other player who doesn't already have EU citizenship (and no one knows how Brexit might affect those players in the future; this transfer window won't be affected) would have to go through an appeal with the Exceptions Panel (PL Handbook, p. 557 for composition, p. 567 for procedures) to get a GBE.

    Hope this helps! And if there's a need/desire for this to be updated at every transfer window, a mod can move this to a new thread and I'll update there. It felt presumptuous to post that unprompted, and I wasn't sure where it should go anyway.

    If anyone sees anything that I figured incorrectly here, please feel free to point it out!

    Thanks again, @ArsenalMetro!!
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    Even though Pulisic is not qualified above, he gets an work permit because his transfer and wages are over the median.

    The decision whether the Panel should recommend to The FA that a GBE be granted is by majority vote.

    The Panel initially takes a points-based approach to determining whether the player should be granted a GBE. If the player scores four or more points against the objective Part A criteria, the Panel will then immediately move on to conduct a subjective review of the information presented by the club and another other information it deems to be relevant.

    Part A - Objective Criteria

    Criteria Points
    The transfer fee paid for the player is above the 75th percentile of qualifying transfers. 3
    The transfer fee paid for the player is between the 50th and 75th percentile of qualifying transfers. 2
    The player’s wages are above the 75th percentile of qualifying wages. 3
    The player’s wages are between the 50th and 75th percentile of qualifying wages. 2
    The player’s current club is in a top league and the player has played in at least 30% of available minutes. 1
    The player’s current club has played in the group stages or onwards of a continental competition within the last 12 months and the player has played in at least 30% of the available minutes.

    Pulisic probably scores 7-8 on this. This is not automatic like the Competitive Matches criteria, but I doubt anyone scoring over 4 is ever denied.
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