Create another U.S. women's pro league to compete against NWSL

Discussion in 'NWSL Expansion' started by WPS_Movement, Apr 11, 2014.

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    Competition breeds success.

    What if there was another U.S. women's pro league out there that could compete against NWSL ???
    What franchises or cities would be involved in the new league?
    They could steal some of the players away from NWSL, much like the USFL tried to do from the NFL.
    Maybe they would lure some of the upcoming star players away, and pay them more.
    Maybe even players like Tymrak can earn more compensation in the UWFA.

    Here's my new league that I'm starting up to compete against NWSL.
    Maybe my league will even have a couple of MLS franchises.
    Let me hear your league, and your franchises.

    UWFA (United Women's Football Alliance)

    Miami Sun Rays
    Colors: Tubular Teal and Dark Kingsford Charcoal

    The Miami Sun Rays are the first announced franchise of the UWFA.
    They have signed international Ramona Bachmann, as their key acquisition, at $75,000 per year.


    The rest of the league will be announced one by one, soon.
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    Apr 9, 2008
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    The word is in on the 2nd franchise.
    Orlando City FC.

    UWFA is obviously attempting to have a major presence in the Southeastern part of the US, which is something that NWSL has failed to do.

    Orlando City has just signed Marta da Silva ($125,000 per year), and will be signing at least seven other prominent Brazilian players it has been announced. At this time, the identity of these players are not disclosed, but should be revealed shortly. The Brazilians get to form their team together in Florida, and try to kick butt in an American league, to show America how it's done.

    Orlando City FC
    Casino Red, PurpleSaurus Rex Purple, Cigarette Pack Gold

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    New York City is in the house, and will be giving Sky Blue some competition in that market.
    Team Colors: Dash Orange, Dash Blue (Houston does not have a trademark for that combination)


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