CPL Viability vs Canadian TV Markets

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Initial B, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Apr 19, 2017
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    No, their job is to put out a product that can sell. For that you have to invest more. MEDIAPRO did their part by giving a steady cashflow to the league for 10 years and taking care of all the production of content on top of that. If CPL cash in and just break even, the quality won't rise as fast and it will be harder to sell.

    This deal provides the league with fiscal space to increase their ambition and investment in the product so the quality overall goes up so it's easier to sell.

    It's in the league's interest to blow this out of the park by the time the deal is up
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    Oct 6, 2005
    I don't want to put words in your mouth. What I think you are saying is something like, "The league had a plan to be viable before this media money. Now this media money allows them to advance things by $20 million per year above their original trajectory and they should therefore do it."

    If that is what you are saying then I understand your position and why you would think that.

    My position is that the league, like all start up leagues and new businesses, is of questionable viability until it actually demonstrates otherwise. All new businesses have great sounding plans. Most fail within five years. So until the league has shown that it can succeed with its original model, it should use this money as a cushion rather than try to skip straight to step two or three. If by year five the teams are all doing well and the media money can be treated as extra then, by all means, blow it open. But first prove your model works.
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    Staying in business for more than 5 years is the ONLY objective for the owership group. If they can achieve that then they've done their part correctly. All the other accoutrements of success like academies only happen when they have a solid base financially.

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