Austin Rogers in Mongolia

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    Wonder if he's gone to one of those Mongolian feasts they have in those circular teepee things.

    Hear it's delicious.
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    Nice profile on him from the wonder that is MyCujoo. Here's a snippet. It's an interesting read, so I suggest checking out the full article here:

    "Of course it is challenging, you miss out on many things, relationships, your friends, your family when you are away. You come back home every six months and everything is different, it is not easy. But then you balance the highs and the lows and the fact I can play on Saturday nights in front of big crowds, and get paid for what I like to do is just great. It is a matter of finding the right balance. And then by the time you adapt, it’s time to leave again!"

    Not that Austin wants to leave right now, but at some point, he might pack his bags again and find another club, somewhere else. "This season my form has not been to the standards I like it to be, so part of me thinks it’s time to try another country, another environment. I am content with my life in Mongolia, I’ve made some friends and connections but I feel my options are quite open. I have more ambitions in my career in terms of bigger leagues and clubs and things I want to accomplish."
    _ _ _ _ _

    If you have a gaping hole in your life because you don't watch Mongolian soccer, you're now in luck because MyCujoo streams Mongolian Premier League matches! Rogers and 6th-placed Ulaanbaatar City FC take on 5th-placed Deren when the league resumes on the 15th, watchable (as are some past matches) here:

    But the real question is, how does it compare to MLS?
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    Rogers' Mongolian adventure comes to a close as he moved to Romanian second division club Dacia Unirea Brăila last month. It doesn't appear that he has played yet.

    However, this may soon change because the club is in a tough spot - they are in last place in the 20-team league and 13 points back of 16th place team with 14 games left (bottom four get relegated). Hopefully Austin can help them out!

    Also at this club are two other Americans: Mamodou Jallow and Mohamed Diakite. It seems that a Kalonji Soccer Academy in Georgia has connections in Romania because both of these players were in their academy at some point.
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    Kalonji Soccer Academy? Any connection to Obscure Metro Nansha Kalonji?
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    This is an impressive guess, and while there may be a connection, their staff page lists multiple Kalonjis but not him. The founder is Bruno Kalonji, who came to the US to escape the Congo War. Nansha Kalonji also holds Congolese nationality, so a relation seems possible, though apparently it is a fairly common surname in that region.

    As for Austin, he made his league debut in a 5-2 loss to mid-table Pandurii Targu Jiu on the 23rd and then didn't play this weekend. Things are not looking good for Braila. Wonder if this was a 6 month contract? Can't imagine that there are many chances for exposure from Liga III and foreigner restrictions are pretty strict. Hard to find the current specifics on on that, but in 2013-2014 Liga III clubs weren't even allowed to have a single non-EU player.
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    Played again on the 5th in a 3-0 loss. Probably not much was his fault and relegation is just about certain barring a miracle.

    Possible Americans Jallow and Diakite are regulars though. It will be interesting to see where these three land from here.
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