Alain Giresse, "Gigi"

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    There was no video to be found that focus on Giresse on the net. Now, there is one. I'm so happy that a site/ platform (Dailymotion here) allowed the video that I'm going to share it with people who cares about this player or wants to take a little look at his technical prowesses.
    That said it is all about goals and assists in NT, it is just a compilation about that. No more, no less.
    That includes of course the goal with the head by the littlest player of the World Cup 1982 and also that magnificient goal celebration in Sevilla when France faced West Germany in the semi-finals which had to be succeeded by the biggest disappointment and deepest sorrows as well as the biggest feelings of injustice.

    Still about numbers and to complete a bit this post :

    Alain GIRESSE - Matchs, Buts et Passes décisives en Equipe de France.

    Alain GIRESSE - Matches, Goals and Assists in National Team.

    #Match.__Année__Compétition/Amical__D/E/N__Adversaire__Score_____B--P (Cf indirect, direct, pen., dist.)
    #Match.__Year__Competition/Friendly__H/A/N__Opponent__Score_____G--A (indirect fk, direct, pen., dist.)

    6.__1981__WC Qual.__A__Netherlands______0-1_____0--0
    7.__1981__WC Qual.__H__Belgium__________3-2_____0--0
    8.__1981__WC Qual.__A__Belgium__________0-2_____0--0
    9.__1981__WC Qual.__H__Netherlands______2-0_____0--0
    10.__1981__WC Qual.__H__Cyprus___________4-0_____0--0
    12.__1982__Friendly__H__Northern Ireland_4-0_____0--1
    15.__1982__WORLD C.__N__England__________1-3_____0--1
    16.__1982__WORLD C.__N__Kuweit___________4-1_____0--1
    17.__1982__WORLD C.__N__Czechoslovakia___1-1_____0--0
    18.__1982__WORLD C.__N__Austria__________1-0_____0--0
    19.__1982__WORLD C.__N__Northern Ireland_4-1_____2--0 (8 m, header 6 m)
    20.__1982__WORLD C.__N__West Germany_____3-3_____1--1 (18 m)
    23.__1983__Friendly__H__Soviet Union_____1-1_____0--0
    28.__1984__Friendly__H__Scotland_________2-0_____1--0 (10 m a bit on the right)
    29.__1984__EURO CH.__H__Denmark__________1-0_____0--0
    30.__1984__EURO CH.__H__Belgium__________5-0_____1--2 (lob from 10 m a bit on the right)
    31.__1984__EURO CH.__H__Yugoslavia_______3-2_____0--0
    32.__1984__EURO CH.__H__Portugal_________3-2_____0--0
    33.__1984__EURO CH.__H__Spain____________2-0_____0--0
    34.__1984__WC Qual.__A__Luxembourg_______4-0_____0--1
    35.__1984__WC Qual.__H__East Germany_____2-0_____0--0
    36.__1985__WC Qual.__A__Yugoslavia_______0-0_____0--0
    38.__1985__WC Qual.__A__East Germany_____0-2_____0--0
    39.__1985__WC Qual.__H__Luxembourg_______6-0_____1--0 (lob from 10 m a bit on the left)
    40.__1985__WC Qual.__H__Yugoslavia_______2-0_____0--0
    41.__1986__Friendly__H__Northern Ireland_0-0_____0--0
    42.__1986__WORLD C.__N__Canada___________1-0_____0--0
    43.__1986__WORLD C.__N__Soviet Union_____1-1_____0--1
    44.__1986__WORLD C.__N__Hungary__________3-0_____0--0
    45.__1986__WORLD C.__N__Italy____________2-0_____0--0
    46.__1986__WORLD C.__N__Brazil___________1-1_____0--0
    47.__1986__WORLD C.__N__West Germany_____0-2_____0--0

    47 international games, 6 goals, 10 assists.
    World Cup: 12/ 3/ 4.
    Euro Champ.: 5/ 1/ 2.
    Great tournaments = 17/ 4/ 6

    Liste détaillée des passes décisives de Giresse avec noms des buteurs.
    Detailed list of Giresse's assists with scorers' names.

    Northern Ireland 82 (Zénier) - England 82 (Soler) - Kuwait 82 (Platini) - West Germany 82 (Trésor, on fk) England 84 (Platini) - Belgium 84 (Fernandez, Platini on fk) - Luxembourg 84 (Battiston) - Uruguay 85 (Touré) - Soviet Union 86 (Fernandez) - Platini x3, Fernandez x2.

    Liste des pré-passes décisives de Giresse et "demi-passes décisives".
    Detailed list of Giresse's pre-assists and "half-assists".

    Austria 84 (launched Amoros who crossed for Rocheteau) - half-assist: Luxembourg 84, the last goal, shoot who became a cross for Stopyra) - Yugoslavia 85 (fk for Touré who deviates the ball with his head for Platini) - Hungary 86 (lauched Ayache who crossed for Stopyra).

    3 pre-assists (this may be not exhaustive/ liste possiblement non-exhaustive sur ce point).

    © Football Yesterday & Today Blogspot
    ^ that means I'm responsible of the given numbers in the sense there can be errors into it and that in the case it is shared, citing source should be done, would be cool.

    Now sorry for the little of words for now (of course there must be already some litterature about him somewhere on the net) . Or thoughts. But since there is this sub-forum called "Players & Legends", why not something on Giresse.
    He played his first international game against Poland in '74, aged 22, as an AM/ W. Played a few matches and for few minutes of play (1 half-time here, 60 mins there, 15 mins there) until Hidalgo decided to associate him with Platini at the very beginning of the 80s. European Champion '84 (aged 32 or almost, he was born in August '52), twice semi-finalist of the World Cup (in '82 and in '86), dominated French Football with Bordeaux in the first half of the 80s then was one of the very first big signing of a new great team to come, OM, into wich he brought his experience (vice-champion '87, semi-finalist of the Cup winners Cup in '88). Semi-finalist of the Champions Cup '85 with Bordeaux (eliminated by Juve, 2-3 on aggregate, well with a lost 3-0 in Turin, and a great performance in the second leg in Chaban-Delmas, it was near to make 3-3). Etc. Dribbler, feinter, became more and more a playmaker while aging to become that extraordinary #10 bis of the French National Team...the eye for the pass, the finesse in the construction, and to score goals (with a predilection for the lob)...Alain Giresse, Gigi.
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    Best player for France at WC82, a lighting rod for the team's attack. France should have won that semifinal match against West Germany, the final against a snowballing Italy would have been for the ages.
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    ^ Hey Babaorum, Where are you? :)

    Some videos (it will be shorter than the Riquelme's thread):

    Alain Giresse and France - Belgium, EURO '84 (trsltion a bit later very possibly).

    Alain Giresse and Bordeaux winner of La Coupe de France 1986 (2-1 against Marseille) :

    Alain Giresse's testimonial match Bordeaux - World XI (6-2) :

    ^ Parc Lescure - 15 Mai 1989
    Jubilé Alain Giresse -

    Equipe Girondins de Bordeaux :
    Dropsy puis Bats
    Thouvenel, Specht puis Gimenez, Domergue puis Roche, Tusseau
    Tigana, Girard puis Martinez, Platini puis Cantona, Giresse puis Lizarazu
    Papin puis Ferreri, Zl Vujovic puis Rocheteau

    Sélection internationale :
    Pfaff puis Bell
    Joao Pinto, Elsner, Bossis, Grun puis Zo.Vujovic
    Fernandez puis Rix, Valderrama puis Marcico, Susic puis Burruchaga, Madjer, Ekstroem, Allofs
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    Great set of posts @wm442433, a lot of great and not readily available information on Giresse here. Since I had been asked this question by I believe it was @babaorum earlier, I manually counted Giresse's points winning percentage with the NT (Win = 2 points, Draw = 1 point, Loss = 0 points), and it comes to 73.4% (which is pretty high considering that most of his other colleagues from that era were in the 60% range. Source -

    Maybe slightly off topic, but if someone can explain, I was interested in understanding how the French midfield from that era operated i.e. the magic square. In terms of the midfield formation as well as the roles of various players within that midfield during attack and defence.
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    Others can surely add more detail, but I suppose it was basically meant to be 4-2-2-2 with strikers who pulled wide quite often (moreso when players like Rocheteau and Six played there rather than more typical central strikers I suppose though).

    Giresse and Platini lining up ahead of Tigana and Fernandez (or in 1982 Genghini) I think basically but it's pretty fluid and maybe it could be argued Fernandez was more DM (although he did also get forward reasonably often in the central/left area I think) and Tigana/Giresse the playmaking CM's with Platini a bit more of an AM (moreso at some times than others, but being very much a goalscoring midfielder and generally with attacking intent in Euro 84). Tigana was box to box I suppose, but arguably at times more on the right side on average I'd say.
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    Thanks. The 2nd paragraph makes me think of a diamond midfield though and not a square midfield of a typical 4-2-2-2.
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    Yes, I know what you mean. I don't think it was ever meant to be a diamond as such, but maybe it had some similarities. Fernandez didn't play like a Makelele (Chelsea version) anyway I'd say, and Platini was often involved in the heart of the midfield still.
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    Not so easy to find I guess, but as for the stats' card, it's just what we can find (in French) on the FFF site match by match but putted altogether in one piece, that's what I want to do for a max. of players. (+video viewing to verify some points as for assists or the decription of the goals).

    Rocheteau being the one of the two who is more CF and pivot (85-86) like Lacombe previously when it was him + Six or Bellone (generally, there was other players than them three too, and sometimes it was more of a 4-3-3, mostly before '82-83, what the "square" can permit in some situations too). More "pivot", what did not prevent them, to pull wide too, like their other partner wich in general was more of a "classic #11" ("more of", "classic", because, well...that was not n°11 in a WM, that's what I mean, even if it's obvious, that said the "4-2-2-2" permits also the 4-2-4 in offense with the #11 that pull wide on the left, Giresse that takes the right side, or Tigana (when it's not the RB who went forward), and a midfielder that becomes a second cf, generally Platini, but also why not Fernandez for example, but not Tigana or it is ultra-rare.

    Yet, about Rocheteau 82, 85-86 : he had some (very usefull for France in that configuration) rests of a #7 (Saint-Etienne part of his career) but was now an excellent #9 since at PSG (where he held a very central position). It is in fact his primary position on the field, he was "displaced" on the wings at Saint-Etienne.

    That was to enter in some details but yes basically the two upfront must combine different qualities, what already can tell about how the rest of the team can operate. The 2-2-2 permitted much possibilities in gross, permitted some "improvisation" with or without quotation marks, that was about the understanding of each player with his teammates in various situations. "Square", "triangle", "diamond", and all what we can imagine...well, that was about a bit of all of that. That's the magic of the 2-2-2...:). Brazil 82, France 84...
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    I haven't made the count, but I suppose that Giresse has a higher percentage of win because his NT career corresponds exactly to the most succesful period. Contrarily to Platini, he stopped just after the World Cup 1986 so he did not know that down in 86-87 with one or two defeats/ draws, and most of all, he has not much games in the 70s + the year '80 when the NT results were still quite random in general. + maybe, I think that he was exempt of the "friendlies of the friendlies" at one point.
    Like what it goes fast a difference of 10 pts.
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    Thanks for sharing these insights.

    Also, putting together such detailed information is quite the undertaking. Congratulations on finishing it for Giresse and I hope you will share similar information about other French football stars, as and when you are done with them too.
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    I think it might be more due to the 1978-1980 phase when Giresse played so few games and Platini played in 6 of his 18 losses with the NT (2 of which came in the 78 WC against pretty strong opposition). But yeah, Giresse does better than Maxime and Amoros as well, so maybe it has something to do with his maximum games coinciding with France's most successful games during that era. His overall NT games total is also a bit less for making any definitive conclusions based such an analysis, since generally totals above 80 would get you a wide enough game participation and time frame to make a decent judgement.
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    I'm coming back here from time to time :).

    Anyway, what a player he was.
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    I've posted this a few years ago as an answer to @PuckVanHeel about Platini and Giresse :

    "I think you refer to this blog article (made by a canal + journalist in association with OPTA) in which it is stated that Alain Giresse was France's true playmaker in EC84 and the one -by his work in midfield- who allowed Platini to concentrate more on his goalscoring effort :

    There are two interesting maps showing Platini's and Giresse's various locations on the field, showing that Platini played in a very vertical way whereas Giresse played more on the flanks (and he also had more possession of the ball than Platini, it seems) :

    Platini :

    Giresse :

    There are also more stats in addition to the one you posted (% dribbles won, % duels won, % successful passes in the last 30 meters) :


    I think there's a mistake in the last stat (% successful passes in the last opposite 30 meters) : earlier in his article he wrote that Platini has 76% of successful passes and Giresse has 87%. These numbers seem more correct to me. He said that Tigana also had a better passing accuracy than Platini in the last 30 metres but he didn't note his number.

    Platini won 15 fouls and made vs 5 for Giresse. The difference is due to the fact that Platini was more in the traffic than Giresse according to the journalist (this could also explain that Platini's passing accuracy was lower than usual as well as his low % dribbles won).

    Lastly, it's also noticed that Platini recovered a lot of balls (he didn't say how many exactly) through interceptions and tackles (3 per game)."
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    #15 babaorum, Feb 5, 2016
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    wm442433 and PDG already made extensive answers so I won't add much. I think the most important thing is that there was no pre-planned plan. Hidalgo never said to anyone : you do this, you don't do that. It was more : play like you feel. So theorically it looked like a diamond midfield but in reality the players were free to roam. When Platini moved up-front, Giresse filled the gap, whereas when Platini stayed in midfield, Giresse had to adapt and stay on the flank for example. And Platini wasn't reluctant to put himself at the service of Tigana and Giresse when the team had to defend, like vs Checoslovakia in WC82 after which he was so broken up that he didn't play the next game vs Austria.
    One thing is sure however : the emergence of Tigana in 1981 and then of Fernandez allowed Platini to play higher on the pitch than he did in his early years during which he often played very deep. And from 1981 the increasing role of Giresse as a secondary playmaker (or sometimes primary playmaker, like in EC84) allowed him to share his playmaking duties and to focus more on scoring goals.
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    Nat'l Team:
    Results with and without the Magic square (34 games between february 1983 and july 1986) :

    P : lost
    N : draw
    G : won

    Scorers and assisters when the Magic square was on the field (18 games between 1983 and 1986) :
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    Great, thanks.

    Any reason why Giresse played so little till 1981, since his debut was all the way back in 1974? It seems he could have helped Platini play more near the goal (or just taken France's threat level to a higher degree by acting as the second playmaker in the team) thus possibly allowing France to be more successful from an earlier time. @wm442433 your input on this would also be appreciated.
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    Nat'l Team:
    There were doubts about how Giresse and Platini would complement each other as both were number ten. Few people thought they could play well together. Naturally Platini was always the first choice so that Giresse had very few caps before 1981. That's at the age of 29 that he truly started his international carreer. Finally they proved to play so well together that Hidaldo soon added a third playmaker alongside them : Genghini :p.
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    ^(Bez arrived at Bordeaux in '80 too, not before, or yes a bit before but he needed some time to start doing his thing : Bordeaux was a mid-table team even at the limit of the relegation + he had to take the whole control of the club).

    Today 24 May it is the Eric Cantona's birthday. 50 years.

    Eric CANTONA - Matchs, Buts et Passes décisives en Equipe de France.

    Eric CANTONA - Matches, Goals and Assists in National Team.

    #Match.__Année__Compétition/Amical__D/E/N__Adversaire__Score_____B--P (Cf indirect, direct, pen., dist.)
    #Match.__Year__Competition/Friendly__H/A/N__Opponent__Score_____G--A (indirect fk, direct, pen., dist.)

    1.__1987__Friendly__A__West Germany____1-2_____1--0 (10 m)
    2.__1987__Euro Qu.__H__Norway__________1-1_____0--1
    3.__1987__Euro Qu.__H__East Germany____0-1_____0--0
    6.__1989__Friendly__A__Sweden__________4-2_____2--1 (close, "tackle" 6 m)
    7.__1989__WC Qual.__A__Norway__________1-1_____0--0
    8.__1989__WC Qual.__H__Scotland________3-0_____1--0 (16 m)
    9.__1989__WC Qual.__H__Cyprus__________2-0_____0--0
    11.__1990__Friendly__H__East Germany____3-0_____2--0 (close, half-volley 16 m)
    12.__1990__Friendly__H__West Germany____2-1_____1--0 (header)
    13.__1990__Friendly__A__Hungary_________3-1_____2--0 (close, header)
    15.__1990__Euro Qu.__A__Iceland_________2-1_____1--0 (diving header)
    16.__1990__Euro Qu.__H__Czechoslovakia__2-1_____0--0
    17.__1991__Euro Qu.__H__Spain___________3-1_____0--0
    18.__1991__Euro Qu.__H__Albania_________5-0_____0--0
    19.__1991__Euro Qu.__A__Spain___________2-1_____0--0
    20.__1991__Euro Qu.__H__Iceland_________3-1_____2--0 (header 6 m, 9 m)
    25.__1992__EURO CH.__N__Sweden__________1-1_____0--0
    26.__1992__EURO CH.__N__England_________0-0_____0--0
    27.__1992__EURO CH.__N__Denmark_________1-2_____0--0
    28.__1992__WC Qual.__H__Austria_________2-0_____1--1 (7 m)
    29.__1992__WC Qual.__H__Finland_________2-1_____1--0 (close with chest/shoulder)
    30.__1993__WC Qual.__A__Israel__________4-0_____1--0 ("tackle" 8 m)
    31.__1993__WC Qual.__H__Sweden__________2-1_____2--0 (pk, volley 11 m)
    32.__1993__Friendly__H__Russia__________3-1_____1--0 (12 m half him half o.g)
    33.__1993__WC Qual.__A__Sweden__________1-1_____0--0
    34.__1993__WC Qual.__A__Finland_________2-0_____0--0
    35.__1993__WC Qual.__H__Israel__________2-3_____0--0
    36.__1993__WC Qual.__H__Bulgaria________1-2_____1--0 (from 6 m on the right)
    38.__1994__Friendly__A__Australia_______1-0_____1--0 (header)
    40.__1994__Friendly__H__Czech Republic__2-2_____0--0
    41.__1994__Euro Qu.__A__Slovakia________0-0_____0--0
    42.__1994__Euro Qu.__H__Romania_________0-0_____0--0
    43.__1994__Euro Qu.__A__Poland__________0-0_____0--0
    44.__1994__Euro Qu.__A__Azerbaidjan_____2-0_____0--0

    45 international games, 20 goals (1 pk), 4 assists.

    Euro Champ.: 3 matches/ 0 goals/ 0 assist.

    Liste détaillée des passes décisives de Cantona avec noms des buteurs.

    Detailed list of Cantona's assists with scorers' names.

    Norway 1987 (Fargeon) - Sweden 1989 (Papin) - Netherlands 1992 (Papin) - Austria 1992 (Papin)

    © Football Yesterday & Today (blogspot)

    Of course there is here with him a good example that all that is related to "assist" the offensive game of his team is not quantifiable in numbers, in numbers of assists.

    And of course I've made the compil... of the goals...only the goals, his 20 goals :

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    ...and well, to say it all, maybe, well...Giresse was probably not a "mature" player enough to be, to accept to be a #10 bis until 81, 82. + the question of the balance anyway (tactical choice of coach, even though there was not much tactics btw but still a bit). So it is even not necessary to talk about this. But things happen when it must happen or simply can happen.
    Even though he was a brilliant player it is not the reasons against that are lacking to explain that Giresse did not play earlier.

    Now, Youri Djorkaeff (as he was cited in recent threads about the Euro 96 and the season 1995-1996).

    Youri DJORKAEFF - Matchs, Buts et Passes décisives en Equipe de France.

    Youri DJORKAEFF - Matches, Goals and Assists in National Team.

    #Match.__Année__Compétition/Amical__D/E/N__Adversaire__Score_____B--P (Cf indirect, direct, pen., dist.)
    #Match.__Year__Competition/Friendly__H/A/N__Opponent__Score_____G--A (indirect fk, direct, pen., dist.)

    1.__1993__WC Qual.__H__Israel__________2-3_____0--0
    2.__1994__Friendly__A__Italy___________1-0_____1--0 (deft ball from 8 m. on the left)
    3.__1994__Friendly__H__Chile___________3-1_____1--0 (8 m, header)
    4.__1994__Friendly__A__Japan___________4-1_____1--1 (8 m volley from the right)
    5.__1994__Euro Qu.__A__Slovakia________0-0_____0--0
    6.__1994__Euro Qu.__A__Poland__________0-0_____0--0
    7.__1995__Euro Qu.__A__Israel__________0-0_____0--0
    8.__1995__Euro Qu.__H__Slovakia________4-0_____0--0
    10.__1995__Euro Qu.__H__Poland__________1-1_____1--0 (fk 20m)
    11.__1995__Euro Qu.__H__Azebaidjan_____10-0_____2--2 (header 6m, deft ball 16 m)
    12.__1995__Euro Qu.__A__Romania_________3-1_____1--0 (close)
    13.__1995__Euro Qu.__H__Israel__________2-0_____1--0 (15 m on the right)
    14.__1996__Friendly__H__Portugal________3-2_____2--0 (15 m on the left, 22 m on the right)
    18.__1996__EURO CH.__N__Romania_________1-0_____0--1
    19.__1996__EURO CH.__N__Spain___________1-1_____1--0 (12 on the left)
    20.__1996__EURO CH.__N__Bulgaria________3-1_____0--1
    21.__1996__EURO CH.__N__Netherlands_____0-0_____0--0
    22.__1996__EURO CH.__N__Czech Republic__0-0_____0--0
    23.__1996__Friendly__H__Mexico__________2-0_____1--0 (13 m on the right)
    24.__1996__Friendly__H__Turkey__________4-0_____1--1 (6 m on the right)
    27.__1997__Friendly__H__Sweden__________1-0_____1--0 (pk)
    29.__1997__Friendly__H__Italy___________2-2_____1--0 (22 m on the right)
    30.__1997__Friendly__H__South Africa____2-1_____0--0
    31.__1997__Friendly__H__Scotland________2-1_____1--0 (pk)
    37.__1998__Friendly__A__Morocco_________2-2_____1--0 (6 m. bicycle/ scissor kick with the outside of the foot)
    39.__1998__WORLD C.__H__South Africa____3-0_____0--0
    40.__1998__WORLD C.__H__Saudi Arabia____4-0_____0--1
    41.__1998__WORLD C.__H__Denmark_________2-1_____1--0 (pk)
    42.__1998__WORLD C.__H__Paraguay________1-0_____0--0
    43.__1998__WORLD C.__H__Italy___________0-0_____0--0
    44.__1998__WORLD C.__H__Croatia_________2-1_____0--1
    45.__1998__WORLD C.__H__Brazil__________3-0_____0--1
    47.__1998__Euro Qu.__A__Iceland_________1-1_____0--0
    49.__1998__Friendly__H__Andorra_________2-0_____1--0 (6 m)
    50.__1999__Friendly__H__Morocco_________1-0_____1--0 (close)
    52.__1999__Euro Qu.__H__Ukraine_________0-0_____0--0
    53.__1999__Euro Qu.__H__Armenia_________2-0_____0--0
    54.__1999__Euro Qu.__H__Russia__________2-3_____0--0
    55.__1999__Euro Qu.__A__Ukraine_________0-0_____0--0
    56.__1999__Euro Qu.__A__Armenia_________3-2_____1--2 (pk)
    57.__1999__Euro Qu.__H__Iceland_________3-2_____1--0 (6m on the left)
    61.__2000__Friendly__A__Japan___________2-2_____1--0 (close)
    62.__2000__Friendly__A__Morocco_________5-1_____1--0 (pk)
    63.__2000__EURO CH.__N__Denmark_________3-0_____0--0
    64.__2000__EURO CH.__N__Czech Republic__2-1_____1--0 (13 m)
    65.__2000__EURO CH.__A__Netherlands_____2-3_____0--0
    66.__2000__EURO CH.__N__Spain___________2-1_____1--0 (deft ball 11 m)
    67.__2000__EURO CH.__N__Italy___________2-1_____0--0
    68.__2000__Friendly__H__FIFA XI_________5-1_____0--1
    70.__2001__Friendly__H__Portugal________4-0_____1--0 (6 m)
    71.__2001__Conf.Cup__A__South Korea_____5-0_____1--0 (16 m)
    80.__2002__Friendly__A__South Korea_____3-2_____0--1
    81.__2002__WORLD C.__N__Senegal_________0-1_____0--0
    82.__2002__WORLD C.__N__Denmark_________0-2_____0--0

    82 international games, 28 goals (5 pk's, 1 fk), 19 assists.

    World Cup: 9 matches/ 1 goal/ 3 assists (7/ 1/ 3 in '98).
    Euro Champ.: 10 matches/ 3 goals/ 2 assists (5/ 1/ 2 in '96).
    Great tournaments = 19 matches/ 4 goals/ 4 assists.

    Liste détaillée des passes décisives de Djorkaeff avec noms des buteurs :
    Detailed list of Djorkaeff assists with scorers' names :
    Japon 1994 (Papin) - Azerbaïdjan 1995 (Desailly ck, Cocard) - Germany 1996 (Blanc, fk) - Armenia 1996 (Angloma, aerial backheel) - Romania 1996 (cross on Dugarry's head) - Bulgaria 1996 (Blanc ck, also the o.g of Penev, on fk) - Turkey 1996 (Pedros) - Norway 1998 (Zidane, who controlled well the ball but still) - Saudi Arabia 1998 (Lizarazu, backheel) - Croatia 1998 (Thuram #1) - Brazil 1998 (Zidane, ck)- Austria 1998 (Boghossian, fk) - Armenia 1999 (Zidane, Laslandes)- (o.g Iceland 1999, fk) - Croatia 1999 (Pirès) - FIFA XI 2000(Trezeguet) - Brazil 2001 (Desailly, ck) - South Korea 2002 (Dugarry, fk).

    Zidane x3, Blanc, Desailly and Dugarry x2.

    His 28 goals :
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  20. wm442433

    wm442433 Member

    Sep 19, 2014
    FC Nantes
    (precedent post)

    Great tournaments = 19 matches/ 4 goals/ 5 assists.

    Fixed. Sorry.
  21. wm442433

    wm442433 Member

    Sep 19, 2014
    FC Nantes
    #22 wm442433, Apr 11, 2017
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    Some more videos of Giresse :

    Nice goal. Day #12 in D1, October the 1st 1983 in Bordeaux for the 3-1 against Lens (final score 3-2).
    Of course there are more videos of Bordeaux from which this specific action of Giresse comes from, with certainly other interesting goals, actions.

    Now, another one that focuses on him : OM-Hajduk, second Round of the 1987-1988 Cup Winners Cup. Giresse scores the 4th and last goal (4-0). His very last goal in career.

    Not bad either. OM will be awarded a 3-0 win in the second leg in Split due to incidents.The match was interrupted a bit before the end when Hajduk was leading by 2-0.
    In the Semi-finals, OM will totally miss its first match at home against a vigorous Ajax and an away win in Amsterdam will remain useless (except for the future maybe...).

    He was also an European Cup semi-finalist, the "big one", in 1985 (beaten by Juventus not without worrying the Lombards until the last minute in the second leg played in Gironde).

    3-0 at Stadio Olimpico for Juve, 2-0 for Bordeaux in Chaban-Delmas.

    Into the following one, at the close of it, he shows the shoes that he did wear against
    West Germany in 1982 :

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    Jan 8, 2006
    Lima, Peru
    I've always have the same question in mind.

    Which was the usual tactic in midfield before Giresse became a starter for Les Bleus?

    A second question, do you have Giresse's stats or ratings in Ligue-1 before 1981.
  23. wm442433

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    Sep 19, 2014
    FC Nantes
    I have not his ratings in D1, or just a few. Anyway, whatever it is, that would not tell much things to say the truth.

    As said previously the main formation which was used by France was the 4-3-3, before '82 (due to Kovacs maybe, surely). But 4-4-2, 4-3-3 that's just tactical schemes, can't be a bit of both even if, it is true, the 4-4-2, as a starting formation, was obligatory at one point in the early 80s. Concerning France, it also permitted a better task allocation between the players maybe (whoever they were btw, but especially with Platini + Giresse surely). But also or maybe most of all had they more experience than 2, 3, 4 years earlier (logic), these two players but also their teammates, all the team, coach included we could tend to think (even if against West Germany...but anyway).
    Against England, in the first match, maybe that they played in 4-3-3 more...must re-watch. In any case, before the World Cup 82, Giresse used to play in some occasions in a 3-men midfield, with Platini even. But that was before the World Cup.

    +, but very quickly, summing-up, why no Giresse before?

    -early talent saluted by all as great young player with great technique since the very start, in the early 70s.
    -Bordeaux was a mid-table team, and Giresse was in the mid-70s still an obvious talent but still a hope not fulfilled.
    -In 77-78, Bordeaux was even fighting against the relegation. So just before the World Cup.
    -Before that, he had been tested as winger or offensive midfielder in NT but as seen previoulsy in the thread, for few minutes here and there.
    -It was said that he was very good but never good in the big matches.
    In the context of the 70s football, most of all based on athletism with big guys, Giresse did not really impose himself. And once again, Bordeaux was not a powerhouse club, in spite of some very good players.
    _It would change with the arrival at the club of president Claude Bez in 78, 79 (will not go into details here) who was also at the federation. Bordeaux takes the number 1 spot as the most powerful club to St-Eienne for the period 1980-85, 87. With a solid team until 85, then still a very good team but with more and more competition brang by Tapie's OM and more and more anomalies in the cash-flow until the crash.
    -In this new context (80-85), Giresse would take a new dimension. A dimension at the level of the expectations that could be made in front of such a player.
    -It is also the 80s, Giresse is older, is more playmaker when he was more dribbler in his early years (in order to schematize a bit sure, always been a passer, but still).
    -He's 28 years old in 1980, generally the best age for a footballer.
    -In '82, so he's 30 or almost and now really a mature player (so also became mentally able to play the second-fiddles, beyond the questions about systems of play?)
    -The 4-4-2 certainly constituted a relief for players of the type of Giresse though.
    At last, of Platini and Giresse, it was the littlest player of the World Cup '82 who shined the most in Spain as Platini was diminished by an injury. Here, Giresse maybe finally took benefit of Platini more than the opposite. Playing the "second-fiddle" in this context was maybe easier. Two years after, at the Euro it would be another story and it has perfectly worked as simply the results prove it. In '86 both were diminished physically (Giresse was in his 34 years old) but were decisive at some crucial moments (Giresse=Soviet Union especially). Until the semis.
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    Giresse beats Rust on free-kick (1983-1984, Division 1 Day 2, Sochaux - Bordeaux : 3 - 1).
    At 1:25.

    Giresse hits the bar (Fra-Yug '84) :

    @peterhrt about the other thread : OK. So I confirm what @PDG1978 said.
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