2022 WC Qatar: Worldwide Opponents Watch [all R's]

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    Watched the Burundi - Tanzania. East Africa is still as bad as always. Tanzania has the idea, can pass better than us, their midfield covers well, but they have zero idea how to score a goal.

    They can have three guys against a single defender and still manage to ruin the chance somehow.
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    I've actually wondered if Eastern/Central/Southern Africa would be better off just forming their own separate confederation and leaving North and West Africa by themselves in the original CAF. Apart from South Africa's three WC appearances, off the top of my head the rest of that region has...

    Zaire 1974 and Angola 2006, so two WC appearances ever.

    Granted, the expansion might allow some teams like DRC and Zambia to qualify (both were 2nd in their groups last time, so would likely have been there with 9 spots instead of 5). Then again, if the confederation were to be divided, ECS Africa would likely get at least a couple of spots guaranteed. Maybe they're better off splitting for a guaranteed reward instead of gambling on more success in the existing confederation?

    One downside of course would be weaker opposition, and South Africa in particular might not like playing in such a weak confederation given its name and pedigree. Then again, this is a team that was eliminated by Ethiopia in 2014 WC qualifying... In form, they would easily be kings of an ECS Africa confederation. And of course a divided confederation also means ECS African teams would no longer participate in the AFCON, where a few have achieved moderate success.

    Arguably, it would increase global representation (if we care about that), since we have really only seen North and West African sides pretty much at the global level.
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    Jul 16, 2007
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    Peru is starting to look quite formidable. Today they defeated Brazil with all their stars 1-0 in LA.
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