Dr. Garca: Hirving Lozano es mejor futbolista que Ral Jimnez - YouTube

El Doctor no tiene dudas de que el Chucky saldr fortalecido del momento que vive en el Npoles, adems de que lo sigue considerando el mejor de Mxico, por ...

LaMascara, Feb 13, 2020
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      el mofles
      Orale Mascarita Sagrada. Good find.
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    • el mofles
      They're all valid points, but from what I've seen Chucky's Football IQ is not as high as Raul's at the moment. Chucky can potentially surpass Raul in the Footbal IQ department, but Raul's is at peak level right now perhaps from the many European season he already has and Chucky still appears to needs more seasoning to get to Raul's level or surpass it when it comes to picking the right pass to make and also in front of goal shooting on the first rather than controlling it then shooting it. I know he was brought in as a winger to create opportunities on the sides, though I don't think it is fair, but it appears Napoli want him to become a goal scorer for the price they paid from him.

      Hopefully Luis Garcia sees the comments because I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one noticing the generalizations he makes about Mexican fans appearing to whine how Napoli are treating Chucky poorly. Napoli is, but not because Chucky's Mexican, but because Napoli is in disarray right now and Chucky is their whipping boy.

      Yes, it's an ad hominem attack, but I wish Luis would of followed his own advice about hanging tough at a club despite the feeling of not being wanted when he was at Real Sociedad back in 1994-95 and only lasted 3-4 months before going to Aguilas.
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    Feb 13, 2020
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