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    As you all probably know, Croatian footballer Zvonimir Boban was a member of famous AC Milan generation. Here is one interview with him.

    An interesting interview with Zvonimir Boban for Catalan sportspaper Sport. He talked about the sport and about his youth days, todays life.

    We heard that you have completed the course of history? Unusually for a footballer!

    "Yes, I ended up as a professor of history, and now I have a doctorate in comparative literature. When you're a footballer, you're a football player. You're not a philosopher nor a historian. Knowledge of history gives you a different view of what is happening. It helped me to mature.

    Who is Zvonimir Boban in private?

    "They say that I'm difficult , but I do not know (laughs). You must ask those who know me."

    What would your wife said about you?

    "She would say that I'm stubborn. When you mark something, do not give up until it fails. People say things, but it is important who is speaking and why."

    What was your family?

    "We were poorer than the middle class, but we were not hungry. My father had a small shoe store. It was communism era, you know?"

    Did your father believed in communism?

    "No. When you live in such a regime, it is logical that an intelligent person goes in another direction. Everyone wanted to be free, whether left or right, and they could not accept the horror of Yugoslavia."

    What is in the DNA of the Balkan people, that have been so competitive?

    "We have a lot of talent, passion and accountability to our small nation. We have the talent and we are genetically predisposed to sport."

    You were part of the young Yugoslavian team that was in Chile in 1987th that became a world champion. What memories you carry on doing that?


    "Very nice, those memories will remain forever in me. We were a group of friends and we had great players like Prosinecki, Mijatovic, Savičević, Suker ..."

    Back then you defended the colors of Yugoslavia ...

    "Yes, I played fair and respected that jersey team. But, Yugoslavia could not ever be in my heart, because I am Croatian. I was giving everything away because of a teammates. Not because of Yugoslavia."

    The same was with Croatian basketballer Drazen Petrovic?

    "Drazen was my role model and friend. We played cards, going out together. We had a very good relationship."

    Complete match between Dinamo Zagreb and Red Star Belgrade:

    Once upon time in Croatia, 13. May 1990. Struggle for freedom, peace and democracy of Croats. In four days all fans of Dinamo Zagreb will have anniversary on their heroic movement against Yugoslav police, who were mostly Serbs and Bosnian Muslims. Croats were not accepted in Yugoslav police, army, etc. Yugoslav police oriented against fans of Dinamo Zagreb, Croats.


    Official speaker asked fans of Red Star Belgrade that they behave normally.


    Dinamo Zagreb - Red Star Belgrade riot


    Zvonimir Boban could be killed on this day, that police officer got order that he killes him, but he did not do this, he was a Bosnian Muslim. But today he said that he would do the same again. Date 13 May 1990 is considered as a start of the war between Croatia and Serbia, unofficial start of war, drop that filled the glass.

    You hit the Yugoslav police officer in 13. May 1990. during the match Dinamo Zagreb - Red Star Belgrade. Would you repeat it again?

    "Absolutely. But I was not alone. I was the captain of Dinamo Zagreb and because of this it has been so much said about this. However, other young idealists were doing the same."

    You did it because of idealism?

    "Because of idealism. And because the police beat our (Dinamo Zagreb) fans. Fans of Red Star Belgrade Delije have literally destroyed the stadium in Zagreb and police officers have not done anything against them. Then I saw a policeman beating a young boy, I hit him and I would do this again. I'm proud of it."

    Did you feel as a Croatian soldier?

    "I am not a Croatian soldier or hero, but a normal person with dignity. Heroes went to war. We were just rebels."

    Why was Croatian question so important to you?

    "Because we wanted freedom, we wanted to have our own state. Because each person must be able to freely express themselves. With democracy, we got it all, and I am happy that the relations between the Croatians and Serbians are improving."

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