Zambrano is a bastard

Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by Arisrules, Aug 1, 2002.

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    Feb 19, 2000
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    "[Does this team] deserve to be in first place? No. It's not a good team right now. In some ways it's uninspired," Zambrano said. "We have some major deficiencies in key areas. Until we resolve those deficiencies we're going to struggle. We need another strong player. [Costa Corta] I guarantee would do a good job for ous.

    "It's like watching someone die and you have the cure but they won't allow you to use it. We need an important player. I don't think we're going to solve this with a Band-Aid. We need some strong medicine . . . and management also concurs major changes are needed."

    This is what he said. "We need some strong medicine" Hasn't he said that every offseason? Hasn't he ripped apart this team, and made it into an image of himself over and over? Why is it that we constantly need to replace the players the he deems worthy, only for them to fall crashing back down to earth. He is a horrendous coach, no matter what anyone tells me. "Uninspired"? Isn't that his job to fix. If the players have lost faith in you, it is because you treat everyone like trash. Chung last year, ran from endline to freaking endline like a dumbass every match. Why? Because our five defensive minded players couldn't handle it??? We played with 3 defenders, and 2 defensive midfielders every game. They couldn't cover the left wing? Of course not, they were useless. Why? Because Zambrano is a bad coach.
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    Nov 29, 1998
    Moore was on the bench, that wasn't good for us

    I think if he keeps Jeff Moore on the field with the Starting 11 and not use him all the time in a shadow role to stop the top offensive players in the league, then we can keep the lead. That's why Moore wasn't starting Wednesday as well getting Subbed in. If your ten men down starting the 2nd half he should have subbed out Lisi and put in Moore to start the 2nd half. Maybe just maybe we could have kept the score level and possiblly grab that go ahead goal that we so desperatly needed.
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    thats funny how his mood swings about the team are. When they killed the galaxy 5-0, he was saying how great we were. and just because we lose a few, we suck. Its part of the game OZ. We dont fix games here.(i wish we did and we might of beaten germany in the WC)

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