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    I got this idea while seeing FORZA REGGINA's photo's off his shirt and scarf.
    I want people to post their special shirt and scarf, also telling us where they got it from and how much it was. Also tell us why is that shirt so special/lucky to you.

    Here's mine


    Got the shirt through memorabiliacalcio through the internet an italian company and I paid all up including postage and handling and bank transaction fees $200 - 220 Australian dollars.
    The shirt is last seasons, and is my first Ascoli shirt, its pretty much impossible to buy the shirt even in Ascoli Piceno, because Ascoli have not authorised the sale of replica's. I was in Ascoli, couple months ago and tried everywhere. You can buy shirts over ebay, since the move to Serie A. Before each game players get a number of shirts which they give out to officials, which this was one of them, and so is most Ascoli shirts sold on ebay. On the back it has CUDINI no.6 captain of Ascoli last season and the goal scorer against Milan in the first game of the year. He broke his foot and has been out for 6 months. The shirt is my most loved shirt. It was a great moment to wear this shirt at the game.

    The scarf I got in Ascoli Piceno and didn't pay for it my cousin bought it for me at the game. But I think it cost 10 - 15 Euro. I wear all the time with the shirt every week when me and my mates watch la grande giosta dei gol. Even when it was 45 degrees celcius 113 degrees Fahrenheit, I wore the two. The hottest day in many years I wore it. I was crazy.:D


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