Your End of Season Series Projections

Discussion in 'Hattrick' started by AAGunner3, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. AAGunner3

    AAGunner3 Member

    Feb 14, 2002
    Atlanta, GA
    Kansas City Wizards
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Okay, it's halfway through (plus 1 week), and by now we all should have a feel for how our series will finish...

    I had hoped to make a serious push for first this year, but I guess it wasn't serious enough. An injury to a key trainee slowed his progress and I'm unwilling to part with the younger guys. So, I upgraded with what money I could generate and then found a problem with a solid leader that was dragging my spirit down.

    As it stands now, I'm in second place. I expect to keep it but it will be difficult. The top 6 teams can defeat each other on any given day. Surprisingly, Los Guys who came into the series (V.188) last season from six, retooled in the offseason and has a much better defense to show for it. As a result, with his forward trainees, he's in sole possession of first place. I might be able to catch him by the end of the season, but that's not likely.

    In third is overachieving Maratitans, who I really don't think is overacheiving, but didn't expect them to be in third above Final Strike and Ginobili (the former Div 4 guy).

    I'd expect Final Strike to be in a position to upgrade soon if he desires, but who knows. That could shake some things up a bit. Ginobili 'upgraded' last season when he switched to 3-4-3 but it hasn't panned out nearly as well as Los Guys'.

    If I can toward the end of the season, that'd be great but, don't know how that'll work out. I really need marked improvement in the defense, and a new forward or two. Likely I'll do it early next season. We'll see.

    So, I figure I'll be in second again...

    Los Guys
    Mongrel FC
    Final Strike
    Indian Inferno
    Cosmos United
    Barkless Trees
  2. Ikari

    Ikari Member

    Jun 11, 2003
    Las Vegas, NV

    My record over the last 8 games is 4W-4L, which has placed me in 4th place, 1 point above 5th. Precarious place to say the least. I should be able to win the next two matches, which will give me 6 points, but the team in 5th has two easy weeks as well. Afterwards, I finish the season playing 3rd, 2nd, 1st, and 5th places. If I can beat at least one of those teams I may be able to hang on to 4th. If not, I see my team relegated to at least 5th and a qualifying match to stay in the division.

    Keeper training will hopefully bring it's first payoff this week, but that will only cover a new arena and new trainee. Due to this, my team will most likely not be able to be upgraded until next season, which means the rest of this season will be tooth & nail fighting to win or tie.
  3. KDdidit

    KDdidit Member

    Apr 15, 2001
    The Brookfield Zoo
    Tied for 6th at the moment. Looks like 1 good shot at winning, 2 sure losses (definately PIC), and 3 toss-ups (maybe 1 MOTS).

    Plays out as
    for comparison I'm about 20* 77 hatstats on average
    week 9: PIC away loss (#1 team, 29* 105 HS avg)
    week 10: Normal home toss-up (#3 19.5* 78 HS)
    week 11: Normal away toss-up (#4 21.5* 79 HS)
    week 12: MOTS (???) away toss-up (#7 used to be a sure win but his team went from 19* to 23* and 61 HS to 78 HS last week.
    week 13: PIC home loss (#2 team 26* 100 HS)
    week 14: Normal away win (#8 team 13* 50 HS)

    Win 3 I'll be 5th and win 4 I'll be 4th. Of course the odds are I'll just win 2, then its GD to decide 5th place.
  4. KDdidit

    KDdidit Member

    Apr 15, 2001
    The Brookfield Zoo
    Dang, just noticed I have 4 away and 2 home matches, that's no good financially speaking.
  5. Danks81

    Danks81 Member

    May 18, 2003
    I'm undefeated in a shite DVI series. In my 8 games I have scored 39 and given up 5. The #2 team is the only team with a legitimate shot to beat me, and I beat him in week 2 at his place.

    So I feel pretty confident in predicted a series title.

  6. Jimjamesak

    Jimjamesak New Member

    May 3, 2003
    Anchorage Alaska
    This is how my series looks right now:
    1. Hartford Whalers 8 32 - 6 19
    2. Honduras AFC 8 26 - 5 19
    3. Alaska United SC 8 27 - 16 17
    4. Independent 8 23 - 14 15
    5. Fenerlakers 8 25 - 15 13
    6. DrewRangers 8 9 - 29 6
    7. EC United 8 14 - 33 4
    8. SKV Juniors 8 4 - 42 0

    I sit in 3rd place, I need to win my remaining 6 games to win the title plus I would need Honduras to beat Whalers when they play. The top 2 must win all their games to take the title. I play #2 on the road next week (we tied 2-2 at my place), then play #5 on the road (a game I can win), then home against #6, on the road to #1 (I lost 4-1 at my place), home to #8 (User hasn't logged in for a month), and end on the road to #4.

    If I win it, it would be friggin amazing. I think it will end like this:
    1. Hartford Whalers
    2. Honduras AFC
    3. Alaska United SC
    4. Fenerlakers
    5. Independent
    6. DrewRangers
    7. EC United
    8. SKV Juniors
  7. puddleduck

    puddleduck Member

    Mar 15, 2002
    Providence, RI
    I started in week 11 in V.124, taking over a team that was in 4th place with 18 pts. Four ugly losses later, I finished in 4th with 18 points.

    I wouldn't have been surprised to lose every game this season except two against Lightning, an unmanaged team that came up from VI. And even Lightning is an equal match for me on paper.

    Now I'm sitting in 6th with 8pts. I beat Lightning twice and picked up two ties. One was a wtf game against last season's #3, The Fishmongers and the other came against AS Locomotiv.

    AS Locomotiv is in 7th with 4pts, but barring a miracle, he'll pick up three vs. Lightning. My whole season is going to come down our rematch at his house. If I can pull off a tie or a win I should hold onto 6th.
  8. Buzz Killington

    Buzz Killington Member+

    Oct 6, 2002
    Lee's Summit
    Kansas City Wizards
    Nat'l Team:
    United States

    I'm currently sitting in 6th after some poor results for me this season.

    The Romulus Asylum - 22
    Cool Breeze - 21
    Lakers FC - 16
    Lakewood Gangstas - 15
    The Miami Rafters - 10
    Raytown Rangers 82 - 7
    Island Jazz - 3
    Timbuktu Rockets - 0

    Week 9: Home game CB, not much of a chance, mutual PIC game
    Week 10: Away at LG, he pulls lower ratings then me, and I have a chance to beat him, but I'm normalling to prepare for other matches.
    Week 11: Home game RA, again not much chance, another mutual PIC game as I prepare for my must wins and he prpares for CB in a battle for first
    Week 12: Home game IJ, MOTS game a MUST win for my team if I wanna stay up this season
    Week 13: Away game TR, another must win for me, I may pull another MOTS but I doubt it in this one.
    Week 14: Home game LFC, will more then likely PIC the match, because I will hopefully be garunteed of staying up another season, so I will PIC in preparation for qualy.

    I'll probably finish 6th right where I am right now
    1. The Romulus Asylum
    2. Cool Breeze
    3. Lakewood Gangstas
    4. Lakers FC
    5. The Miami Rafters
    6. Raytown Ranger 82
    7. Island Jazz
    8. Timbuktu Rockets

    Not a happy season for me, I hope to come back better next season and come back to try and get back up into the running for the title again. If I do drop down though it won't be too bad, I figure I'll drop into a series I can handle and immediately be back in V the following season.
  9. Dynamo Salem

    Dynamo Salem New Member

    Nov 25, 2003
    Salem, OR

    Arizona Bulls 21
    Packmen 19
    Virginia Cannons 15
    Dynamo Salem 12
    Laid-backs 10
    NB Forces 1

    I should finish somewhere in the middle of VI.148. Currently NB Forces is a bot team, and the Laid-backs have not been logged into since October. Apparently Arizona has been stripped of their owner for cheating, but they still have all their players.

    I will lose to Arizona this weekend. In two weeks I play LSD Chicago and held on for a win in Chicago a few weeks ago, hopefully I can repeat. I should do well against Laid-backs, but that didn’t stop them from beating me last time we played. I will give the Packmen a run for their money on week 13, I don’t understand how I beat the VC last weekend, so I must have a shot at Packmen. I finish up against a bot so I may MOTS Packmen and Pic the bot. Still thinking about that one. Third position is not out of reach, but neither is 5th at this point.
  10. ZeekLTK

    ZeekLTK Member

    Mar 5, 2004
    Nat'l Team:
    Honestly have NO CLUE how this is going to finish:

    1. Scarlet Pups 8 38 - 3 22
    2. The Velvets 8 45 - 2 21
    3. Norge Vikings 8 30 - 8 19
    4. Prutas 8 13 - 18 13
    5. Lusitania F.C. 8 9 - 21 9
    6. Rock On 8 11 - 26 7
    7. Soro 8 4 - 35 3
    8. jsebasaaa 8 3 - 40 0

    Pups, Velvets, and Vikings (me) just absolutely CRUSH everyon else, every single week. In the first half of the season Pups beat Velvets 2-1, Velvets beat Vikings 4-0, and Vikings tied Pups 1-1. Until those 3 matches are played again in the 2nd half of the season (Weeks 10, 13, and 14) there is no way to predict because there is literally NO CHANCE of an upset happening, so each team controls their own destiny. To put it in perspective, we all have over a +20 goal difference, 4th place has -5 and every single team below him is also in the negative goal difference, but double digit as well. The two bottom teams are below -30!
  11. JayJay4Pres

    JayJay4Pres New Member

    May 10, 2003
    DC United
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    1. Brooklyn FC 8 20 - 10 19
    2. Black Stockings 8 23 - 14 18
    3. Beamers 8 26 - 8 17
    4. Cleveland Inferno 8 19 - 15 12
    5. Discarding Sabot 8 21 - 19 12
    6. Cristobals 8 11 - 21 10
    7. Dan's DarkAngels 8 11 - 28 4
    8. Gainesville Orphans 8 0 - 16 0

    Looks like GVille will drop to Series V, oh well...guess it's time to move back to sunny socal.

    EDIT-Should mention; this is IV.4, Black STockings manager as quit, as per HTMail I received from his brother...could just be a rumor started by a hater though. And yes, that does say 0 goals scored for my team..maybe next year no defensive style? ALso, I have been off HT for about 4 months...I lived in OK for a while, started selling magazines and the returned back to so cal
  12. Stogey23

    Stogey23 Member+

    Dec 12, 1998
    San Diego, CA
    1. Coral Springs Colts 8 35 - 6 24

    2. Italian Stalions 8 33 - 11 18
    3. Original Gangster 8 29 - 11 18
    4. PB United 8 35 - 14 15
    5. Blazers77 8 10 - 22 8
    6. Tryquals 8 6 - 37 6
    7. Zorbas The Greek 8 1 - 23 4
    8. Kansas City FC 8 3 - 28 1

    Remaining Games
    A Zorbas The Greek -Win-
    H Original Gansters -Win/Draw-
    A KC FC -Win-
    H Blazers77 -Win-
    H Tryquals -Win-
    A Italian Stalions -Win/Draw-

    I'm in 4th right now after the undefeated Coral Springs Colts beat me twice. However, both OG and Stalions have games against CSC left, which should be losses. I would not be surprised (definately pleased) if I ended the season with 6 straight wins. OG Home is the only game I'm remotely worried about, because I'll be able to turn Italian Stalions into a MOTSaball in the last game.

    I expect 2nd place this year, and I believe I can run this series riot next season. Coral Springs Colts will auto promote this season, even though I would have surpassed him by next season if he stayed. I have the two biggest goalscorers right now, and I'd like that bonus at the end of the season. Oswaldo Encina has an excellent chance to bounce back from the injury.
  13. ArsenalTexan3

    ArsenalTexan3 Member

    Sep 24, 2002
    Arsenal FC
    Series: VI.130 (27466)

    Team Played Goals Points
    1. Dallas Red Knights 8 43 - 3 24

    2. Real Sociedad 0052 8 31 - 7 19
    3. Green Card 8 28 - 7 17
    4. AngerManagement 8 19 - 11 16
    5. Cleveland Celtic FC 8 17 - 33 7
    6. Salinas Cyclones 8 5 - 22 5
    7. The Dark Angels 8 3 - 26 3
    8. Real Jeff 8 4 - 41 1

    Right where I thought I would be except for 4 teams changing including the DV demotee.
  14. Pal11

    Pal11 New Member

    Nov 10, 2004
    V.208 Current Standings

    1. Cerrano United 8 34 - 7 21
    2. Dragons lost Star 8 33 - 9 21
    3. EvilRuntites 8 17 - 12 16
    4. Flatirons FC 8 24 - 16 15
    5. sputnik's 8 14 - 17 12
    6. Auxiliary Scuba Div 8 17 - 29 6
    7. Green Mtn. Blizzard 8 9 - 18 4
    8. Bacchanale 8 4 - 44 0

    Both myself and ur_land (Flatirons FC) are in this series, which is starting to sort itself out. Cerrano and DLS are the top teams, and it would be surprising to me if this isn't the year Cerrano finally wins the league. Runts and Flatirons seem locked in 3/4, sput's in 5, and Auxiliary and GMB fighting it out for 6th.

    I think I have a decent shot at 6th, but if Auxiliary pulls any upsets in the coming weeks it's going to be tough for my club. Our showdown in week 14 could end up deciding who gets relegated. I'm currently considering whether to sell one of my defense trainees early in order to upgrade my offense, or to hang on an hope that a win in the season finale will be enough to keep me up.

    Predicted final standings:

    1. Cerrano United
    2. Dragons lost Star
    3. EvilRuntites
    4. Flatirons FC
    5. sputnik's
    6. Green Mtn. Blizzard
    7. Auxiliary Scuba Div
    8. Bacchanale
  15. ur_land

    ur_land New Member

    Aug 1, 2002
    Boulder, CO

    Those look about right for me, but I'm not too worried about where I end up this year--it's a building year for me, and any position between 3rd and 6th would be fine.
  16. BrianJames

    BrianJames Member

    Jul 30, 2000
    I'm so bad you left me off the table!? ;)

    Still think that you can finish pretty high, AZ will fall off when they get reset to a bot team (anyone know how long it takes for a team to get reset?). Packmen and VC have some difficult games down the stretch. If you can get over AZ this week (very least you know exactly what tactics and players they'll play) while Packmen and VC duke it out, ya never know...

    Watch out for that team on LSD! :D

    At this point I'm struggling even aginst bot teams. The combination of training defense and still figuring out tactics has flushed this season for me so I'll just keep experimenting in the hopes for improving next season.
  17. CrewDust

    CrewDust Member

    May 6, 1999
    Columbus, Ohio
    Columbus Crew
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    1. Wonderland F.C. 8 39 - 4 24
    2. Black Lightning FC 8 28 - 5 19
    3. Southwest Renegades 8 20 - 15 15
    4. Columbus North End 8 21 - 12 13
    5. Finals 8 18 - 26 9
    6. spiritedangels 8 5 - 23 6
    7. S.M.F. 8 10 - 30 6
    8. Wonder Twin Powers 8 2 - 28 3

    Bascially I am competing with Finals for the 4th place. I play them in three weeks, MOTS for me. The owner of Finals logged in for the first time in a month yesterday.

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