You Want More Rugby On TV - Here's our chance..

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    You Want More Rugby On TV - Here's our chance..

    As you know, we have been working very hard to get more visibility for the game of rugby in the USA. Today the BBC lead the way with improved 6 Nations coverage, last year a couple of games, this year 5 games and a studio show to help build interest in the game.

    Next weekend the Las Vegas sevens will be showing in excess of 22 hours of sevens rugby on both NBC and Universal platforms.

    Its now time for the rugby community to make sure that our broadcast partners get the kind of support that they need to continue growing the game on their platforms in the USA.

    During the last 12 months I have been involved in negotiations with both the IRB, Rugby World Cup and potential broadcast partners regarding the Rugby World Cups 2011 and 2015. We were delighted that we agreed to partner with NBC/Universal and now we want to support their efforts to expand their coverage across the American networks - and you can help!

    We’re very excited about the 2011 Rugby season and the marquee events and championship competition we have on tap. As part of the effort to grow the media coverage, participation, and general awareness of our sport, we have partnered with Universal Sports Network, who hold the U.S. broadcast rights for several of our competitions and share our enthusiasm for increasing the exposure and advancement of our sport. Universal Sports has another great year of Rugby programming lined up in 2011, including the following coverage:

    Total Rugby
    (38 weekly episodes) – February 11 – October 28

    HSBC Sevens World Series
    February 5 - May 29

    Collegiate Rugby 7’s
    June 4 - 5

    Churchill Cup
    June 15 - 16 & 18

    USA Men's Eagles
    USA vs. Canada - August 6 & 13
    USA vs. Japan - August 20

    World Cup
    September 9 - October 21
    *Programming schedule subject to change, check for updates

    If you have DirecTV, AT&T U-verse, or Dish Network as your TV provider, then you don’t currently have Universal Sports on your channel lineup. Click the link below to let them know you want Universal Sports NOW!

    If you have a TV provider other than DirecTV, AT&T U-verse, or Dish Network, click the link below to find Universal Sports on your channel lineup.

    Thank you for all your support, together we can make this happen

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