You guys are always faking

Discussion in 'Baltimore' started by Tatatatan, Jul 18, 2010.

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    And acting like **********?
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    Marshall (70th minute) pulled hamstring. Brooks, was having ankle checked in the 10th minute, continued on due to our lack of depth before finally exiting match late in the 2nd half. Nishimura, I don't know his status. I fail to have much sympathy when some Montreal players ran over 50 yards to get in the face of our players while we had people down injured, serious or otherwise. Especially when Djekanovic went out of his way to throw a punch at one of our players, Mathew Mbuta, after Djekanovic had intercepted an errant pass. The referee has to keep better control of the match, both in regards to perceived fraudulent injuries and excessive agression directed at opposing players following those injuries.

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