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Discussion in 'Seattle Sounders FC' started by kolokoi5, Apr 13, 2009.

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    Mar 25, 2009
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    I just watched the Sounders FC highlight recap on and although our team lost, you have gotta love the effort these guys showcased out on the pitch. Even with a man down, they had many scoring opportunities and shots on goal despite being one man down, and as a fan you can't ask for anything more (other than a short-handed win or tie of course). The team was still attacking and had the Wizards barely escaped with a 1-0 win. A grand effort but a loss is loss which would eventually happen. Regardless, kudos to the team.
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    Well, I dunno about "you can't ask for anything more". They could have finished a few of those chances.

    edit: Oh n/m, you had that covered
  3. WestSeattle

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    Nov 14, 2007
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    I'd also like to emphasize again, how many opportunities we squandered. Also I thought the defensive lapse that created the KC goal was pretty bad.

    Sure, "moral victory" I guess, too bad "moral victories" don't give you a single point in the standings.

    I thought we deserved to lose, I thought KC won by being patient and striking hard when opportunity presented itself. We, by contrast, were impatient and lobbed softies or shot wide, due to a lack of patience and finish.

    Hopefully, we'll learn from this loss, and be a better team for it. We'll need to be better, if we have any aspiration for the playoffs.

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