Yellow Cards in WC 2006

Discussion in 'FIFA and Tournaments' started by Autogolazo, Apr 12, 2006.

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    Feb 19, 2000
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    Do yellow cards carry over from the first round to the knockout stages?

    Could someone who gets a yellow card in Game 1 and another in the semifinals potentially miss the Final?

    ASUXLOP New Member

    Mar 27, 2006
    Unless they changed the rules recently...YES! It's happened a bunch of times. I'm fuzzy on the 1990 WC, because it mostly sucked (too many penalty shootouts)..but I seem to recall one team not having one of their biggest players. was it Caniggia for Argentina?? I don't remember that one real well.

    I remember 1982, Italy vs Poland in the semi's. Poland had to play without their central player and scorer, Boniek. He had scored 3 pretty goals against Belgium. Then he had gotten an unjust 2nd yellow in the previous game vs the Soviet Union and it came late in the game. Italy was fire hot because of Paolo Rossi at the time, having barely come out of the first round (2-2 goals v Cameroon's 1-1), but Rossi proceeded to beat all the best teams of the time, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, W. Germany. So Italy may have still won even if Poland had Boniek..but the game was only 1-0 Italy until the last few minutes when Poland was heavily pushing forward. Ended 2-0.

    Bottom line... the rule is good and it is bad. It rewards teams which have the best depth in talent, to overcome one player's suspension. However, I really believe there should be a team of judges reviewing every single game...if some yellow cards were definitely unjust, they should be overturned. Likewise...if the ref missed something terrible (such as Rivaldo's faking injury vs Turkey last time.... he clutched his face in agonziing pain and fell to the ground, after getting hit by the ball in his stomach when a player through it at him a little hard), then they should give a player a yellow or red. ..but only in obvious cases. If the ref missed some not-so-obviuos ones, let it go.
  3. King-James

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    May 27, 2005
    Terrible? If you give a red to every player that exaggerates a foul they recieve (Ohh wait, it's ok to kick a ball at a player at full power from 10 feet away when play is stopped :rolleyes: ) then there won't be many players left by the knockout stages.
  4. mrliioadin

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    NO! Absolutely not... Your card count resets between stages 1 and 2. so if you receive a yellow in game three of stage 1 if your team advances your yellow card count is at ZERO when the round of 16 starts.

    You have to recieve a yellow in two seperate knockout matches to be suspended from a second stage match without recieving a straight red.

    However if you pick up a yellow in game one and again in game three (of stage one) you serve your suspension during the round of 16.

    ASUXLOP New Member

    Mar 27, 2006

    I think it's about time to clean faking from "the beautiful game." The Turkish player should get a yellow for kicking the ball hard (and he did), Rivaldo should get a yellow for his ridiculous faking. That became pretty famous and he was fined. But since the ref missed it, he didn't get any card. He was interviewed and he said that trying to get something past the ref is part of the game. If that is the mentality players have, then that is pretty sad.

    This is one reason why soccer haters, hate soccer... when I talk to them about it, they say every time they see a game..there is some player rolling around on the ground for the refs benefit..then they succeed, and right away get up and all is well. They said that alone turns them off to the sport. I accept it, because every sport has some flaws...but I'd like to see that flaw (and FIFA does too) disappear.

    Anyway, I didn't suggest giving everyone a red. I said that a team of reviewers can replay each game.... and see if a card which was given was unfair..and likewise, if they happen to catch something that was really bad..but missed by the ref...they should consider awarding a post game yellow. But since it's after the game... this would only be in obvious and blatant situations. For example..some player deliberately gives a powerful elbow to someone's head. Knowing that the games will be reviewed....maybe the players will stop doing things like this.

    ASUXLOP New Member

    Mar 27, 2006

    I didn't know that. OK, let's summarize. Tell me if this is correct.

    If you have only on yellow in round gets reset...and you start round o 16 with none.

    If you have two yellows from games 1 & 3 or games 2 & are suspended from Round of 16.

    I didn't follow the middle paragaph. My understanding was... if you get two yellows or a direct red in one miss the next match. If you get a yellow in two miss the next match. Not true?

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