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Discussion in 'Customer Service' started by superdave, Feb 5, 2020.

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    OK so I got a yellow card. I committed my crime in Yanks Abroad. But that's the ONLY forum I frequent that I can still post in. Which makes no sense, unless it's like when you catch your 12 year old smoking and make him chain smoke until he throws up to teach him not to smoke.

    Shouldn't I be banned from YA and able to post everywhere else?

    I've sent a few PMs to the supermod who gave me the yellow but he hasn't responded.
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    There are two questions:
    1 - being banned form YA
    2 - being able to post elsewhere

    I can't speak to point 1 as YA is thoroughly moderated.

    Regarding point 2, not necessarily. There are forums in which a poster get yellowed and that automatically prevents posting in other forums. This was due to posters manipulating the reason for yellow. I know that P&CE is one of the forums which might be associated with some yellow cards.

    But I do agree that it is strange you are able to post in YA and not elsewhere with a yellow from YA.

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