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Discussion in 'USA Men: News & Analysis' started by Metrogo, Nov 18, 2004.

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    For chrissake how many different permutations is there to say "If Jamaica doesn't win, they're out".

    I missed the first half of the game, and forgot to DVR it when I left in the morning, so I can only speak to the second half.

    But my god, I usually think he's ok, but last night he was moronic.

    "A tie is like kissing your sister, well a tie tonight is like getting punched in the face by your sister".

    Or near the end of the game "It may not be pretty soccer, but it's awfully intelligent" speaking about the US trying to kill off the last two minutes. "Awfully intelligent?"

    And speaking as if preserving the point against Jamaica was of the utmost importance. I didn't see the first half, and I'm not acquainted with Arena's views on the importance of a result in this game, but given the line up he put out there, and the second half substitiutions (Twellman for Johnson specifically), it certainly didn't seem that Arena thought we needed to hang on to a point for dear life. But Stone was announcing as if. His criticism of the players on the pitch in the 85th minute for not running the ball into the corner as not being smart was just absurd. Running down the clock was apparently not a goal of this team until perhaps the last two to three minutes of injury time.

    Why not actually try announcing the game, rather than repeating yourself about Jamaica making it to the regional finals, and maybe acquainting the fans a little better with the players. For example, when Spector came on. Wouldn't it be worth a moment to explain his status at Man U, rather than just saying he plays for Man U. American fans would have clearly learned something in those 20 seconds, rahter than another permutation of Jamaica must win.

    Oh, and his rampant homerism.

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