Yassar Arafat Syndrome for Suwon[R]

Discussion in 'Korea' started by Mateofelipe, Sep 1, 2002.

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    It is often said of Yassar Arafat that he never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. I am neither endorsing nor contradicting that axiom, as this is not a political forum, but it seems an apt description of my Suwon Blue Wings. My official reaction to yet another draw after giving up yet another last minute goal is **&^%$&((&&&%^%%%**&#@!!!! This is a talented team, but leadership is sorely lacking. A talent for self-sabotage is sorely present. Wednesday saw them make brilliant plays against Pohang to create easy my-grandmother-could-put-them-in chances, only to miss those chances. But, then, my grandmother is a lot tougher than these guys seem to be. Could some of you Korean speakers who have access to more info than me explain to me what the flock is the problem? No juvenile trolling please; this is a serious question. What is the difference between Cup competition Suwon and league competition Suwon? In terms of guts, they seem to be two different teams. Also, is their coach that stoic when he talks to his team? Berating, encouraging, cajoling, backflips, butt kicks, and a host of other coaching tricks are called for here. I know these guys are grown men and professionals but they sure ain't acting it.
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    maybe it's this feeling that "we're the champs of Asia and we won it this year AGAIN" kinda made them feel like they've already achieved something?
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    Head Coach Kim Ho of the Suwon Bluewings has been walking a lonely trail for the past 6 years. Even since his "almost possible" dream of being the first ever coach to navigate the Korean team to a victory and advancement to the second round has failed in 1994, his job at Samsung looked like an everlasting one.

    In 1996, the Suwon Bluewings gave birth to handful of players we know today. Dennis Laktinov and Ko Jong-su may be some prime examples. However, the back bone of the team- Kim Jin-woo, Park Gun-ha, Ko Jong-soo, and others have been carrying this team on their shoulders for the past 6 years and evidently, they can support no more.

    Anyone who has followed Suwon for the past 3 or 4 years could probably easily pin point out their problems. They bought players to fullfill their short-term plans and unfortunately did not think of the long run. Sasa Drakulivic, now of the Seongnam Ilhwa, was there with Suwon during the duration of Suwon's unstoppable glory days of '99. This being said, the rise of Dennis Laktinov was sheer luck, in my opinion. 99 K-League Champs, 2001-02 Asian Champs easily intrepret the power of Suwon, but I'm afraid this was only due to cash spent as supposed to great managing.

    Now we return to the story of Kim Ho. I suppose that he is the main target by the fans, and he has earned every right to chastised like that. Kim Ho has failed ultimately and continuously to reshed and rejuvenate the team with rising new stars and ironicaly, he was happy about the purchase of the ex-Romanian international, Gabriel Popescu this season. Questionably, Suwon is doing like shiet this season as if the Suwon's purchase of the fading star is actually mocking themselves of poor planning.

    As we all can see, Suwon is in the period of hybernation..because theyre like a tiger sleeping. But waking a tiger up from its sleep is not an easy task. Therefore as you have mentioned, Suwon is aspring for better leadership. I am not challenging Kim Ho or even questioning his ability, but I think it's time for a reform.

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