Yanks need Playing TIME

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad' started by LHSsoccer21, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. LHSsoccer21

    LHSsoccer21 New Member

    Jul 14, 2002
    Dont get me wrong but does it seem to anyone that these other clubs want the americans on their teams but then they never let them play? Max-Moore was so much more productful in the US, he never seems to play anymore. Hejduk gets hardly any playing time along with sanneh and berhalter and lewis.
  2. BuffloSoldier

    BuffloSoldier BigSoccer Supporter

    Jan 31, 2000
    Northern NJ
    Um--Sanneh plays game in, game out. Other than that, those are players that do need playing time.
  3. LHSsoccer21

    LHSsoccer21 New Member

    Jul 14, 2002
    my bad
  4. GersMan

    GersMan Member

    May 11, 2000
    I think it's good to have those players routinely sitting on the bench and not getting in. This way they develop a good, sideline perspective of the game that you just can't coach if you are out on the pitch.

    Plus it allows them to be used in comparison to players who are playing, sort of an inverse comparison ratio, if you know what I mean.

    Yeah, I think I am going to disagree with the premise of this thread that players should play. Some might say that is a truism, but no, I think it's the foundation for some of Big Soccer's most meaningful debate. Thanks for giving me the chance.
  5. TravisMinor_23

    TravisMinor_23 New Member

    Oct 16, 2001
    United States
    Whats important to remember here is that its not like you don't play even when you don't dress for the team. Most Europe teams have reserves which play a comparable number of games to the "A squad". Its not as if they aren't getting valuable game time, now the level of play on some of the reserves is up to arguement, but thats not the point. If a player can go abroad with a good work ethic and be willing to take some lumps, learn from players in training they will be successful. However it is important that US players that go abroad accept that they could end up on the Reserve squad (regardless of how important their signing seems) and they just need to work to get better.
  6. kb

    kb New Member

    Nov 23, 1998
    Boston, MA
    but can they still be "productful"?
  7. mschofield

    mschofield Member+

    May 16, 2000
    Union Berlin
    Nat'l Team:
    Uh, Gers man, is your point that by gaining a valuable ``sideline persepctive'' they may someday become better fans? I know that's worked for me. I just wish they were allowed to grab a beer and brat while they're riding the pine.
    In addition to becoming better by not playing, I think all of the best strikers should first keep goal (to ``gain a valuable attacking persepctive,''), and all the best midfielders should work in a blimp, to ``gain a valuable perspective perspective.''
  8. flmls

    flmls New Member

    well they are training everyday with the players so as long as they are at least playing in the reserve matches it's still development.
  9. dark knight

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    Dec 15, 1999
    Leicester City FC
    They need more playing what?`

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