YA History: Anthony Karl Gregory

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  1. Dave Marino-Nachison

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    Here's another for the "Betcha didn't know..." file: Anthony Karl Gregory, son of an American father and Icelandic mother, was apparently the first Black player to represent Iceland. (I haven't checked on his place in the annals of players with American blood in that country's league.)

    This extensive (Icelandic) article has a lot of detail and information, based on what I can gather from a web translation -- he apparently was raised by an Icelandic stepfather, but has some relationship with his American father and family. He's married (to an Icelandic woman) and has a daughter.


    (That's a PDF -- have fun...)

    It seems he was born in 1966 in Iceland, started his career with Valur and played mainly in Iceland. He had a few caps and scored for them -- debut was in 1990 and he played in a Euro qualifier.




    He's a fan as well as a player:


    There are some recent photos on Instagram:


    Career data:


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    Too soon for Ventura Alvarado? 13 caps then disappeared. Recently signed by Miami.

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