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    Guideline One:
    The YA Gameday Forum was started by user request, because people wanted a chance to talk about games without having to deal with ongoing arguments and issues that have developed in the main forum.

    Therefore, Gameday Forum threads will be moderated more strictly than elsewhere, especially while the game is still going on. Specifically, the mods are more likely to treat somethings as off-topic (OT) than is the case in the main forum.

    Guideline Two:
    The issue of whether Rossi should be considered a YA has been decided already after a public discussion in the forum that took place about 2 years ago. He is one, because he falls into the definition of “YA” that has been used here since long before Giuseppe Rossi was a gleam in Alex Ferguson’s eye.

    We are not going to rehash the issue every time Villarreal plays and attacks on Rossi for his choice of national team will be treated as trolling. Those who cannot contain their outrage about this are encouraged to avoid Rossi-related threads.

    You can expect particularly close moderation on this issue in the YA Gameday Forum.

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