YA 3rd div Germany 7/30+31 (R)

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    Jun 6, 2001
    Some league action from yesterday and today.

    RL North, completing game 1:

    Philip Salyer's Werder Bremen Amateure won their season opener vs SC Verl 1-0, but without Salyer.

    VfL Osnabrück with Joe Enochs won already last weekend, but they had a suspended player on the pitch. Probably the 3 points are donated for the opponent now.

    RL South, matchday 2:

    Jamath Shoffner's team Borussia Neunkirchen won the first point in a 1-1 home draw vs SC Pfullendorf.

    The American duel of SV Wehen (Matarazzo/Phillips) vs SF Siegen (Lukin/van Buskirk) ended 1-2.

    Elversberg's away trip to Regensburg was in vain. Summer rain made playing impossible and the game had to be postponed.

    Tom Dooley's 1.FC Saarbrücken also won the 2nd game (3-2 in Offenbach) and now is the only team with two wins. Admittedly, eight teams haven't played their 2nd game, but only two of them didn't lose a point yet (and these two teams haven't played a single game).

    More info on the YA performances tomorrow.
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    Jun 6, 2001
    Neunkirchen: Shoffner DNP.

    Wehen: Matarazzo, central defense, full 90; Phillips right midfield, started, substituted after 60

    Siegen: Lukin, left midfield, full 90; van Buskirk, forward, handicapped with injury, came in at half time.

    Current YA positions:
    RL North (1 game): Osnabrück 2/3 (if game is counted 0-2, then they drop to 16/17), Bremen 6/7/8
    RL South (0-2 games): Saarbrücken 1, Siegen 7/8, Elversberg 12, Neunkirchen 13, Wehen 17

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