x-box or ps2?

Discussion in 'Video and Computer Games' started by flmls, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. flmls

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    Which should I purchase?
    I have no idea, I have a PC and I like playing the games on there. What are the advantages of owning one. I know the DVD player option is one. Give me your thoughts, what cool games are out on both. thanks.
  2. i wanna play gta 3 on ps2!!! The textures and models on pc version are not good and make the game run very slowly once in a while
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    Apr 29, 2001
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    Xbox has the best graphics

    GREAT games..

    Metal Gear Solid

    and will have a online system up in a few months with online chatting voice chatting ..

    XBOX IS FOR older gamers..

    PS2 has lots of quantity but lots of crap too..

    its japanese what can you expect
  4. flmls

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    Thanks for the thoughts. I'm still deciding, I get some games for free for PS2 that's why I was considering getting one. I want the X box though from what i've heard from others.
  5. Auriaprottu

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    My $00.02

    If you play sports, and alone most of the time, it won't matter so much which platform of these you buy- there'll be a game for you for just about any sport.

    If you play with friends or in tournaments outside your house, get a PS2. It's still the most familiar platform to the most gamers, I'd wager. Of course, if you play only with friends, get what they have.

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