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    That sounds funny....link?
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    I actually like the fact that he doesn't pull punches or soften things up for people, he is harsh and rough and sometimes people need to be told how it is. I am sick of announcers that never played soccer past a kids rec league level adding their "insight" to the game. Way too often the announcers are bland and boring and there is not bit of life in anything they say. When he says that someone isn't pulling their weight on the pitch he is usually right and I respect that.

    I actually had the pleasure of meeting him in 02 at RFK stadium, he was running the cast search for that movie about the USA 1950 win vs. England. This is when the movie had a lot of funding and backing and they were doing a nation wide search for people to be in the movie who could actually play soccer. Myself and 5 other guys were picked out of about 600 at the time to be in the movie (that fell apart though when they lost all the money they were promised) and Wynalda actually was serving me the ball for some of the shooting drills.

    After the selections we got to hang out with him for a little while and talk about soccer and he did a few re-takes of the 1994 WC freekick he blasted home. He was very funny and informative and honest about everything people were asking. I think he is good for soccer in this country, and having met him and spent time with him I am not changing that view point.
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    I personally think the guy's an idiot, he's a terrible announcer and rather than bringing constructive to the broadcast, he spends the entire time just saying the opposite of whatever Tommy Smyth says. His entire outlook on broadcasting is totally bush league and he comes off like an arrogant douche bag on a constant basis.

    The guy is total clownshoes.

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