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Discussion in 'Colorado Rapids' started by DavidJames, Nov 9, 2003.

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    May 11, 2003
    They started 0-5-1, then went on a tear of 9-1-1. Everything was right with the world, the players were getting it done, the coach was getting it done (work with me here) and as the end of the season approached, optimism couldn't be higher. Eight games later it's over. Zero wins, four loses and four ties. How does one explain it. I'm not going to get into the mid season turn around, that's been done. How does a team go from 9-1-1 to 0-4-4 at crunch time? My theory is a simple one, the Rapids ability to win was like the proverbial one trick pony. Quick counter attacks. I'm not talking long balls out of the back, but quick, medium length passing which sprung (mainly) Spencer or Chung free for good shots on goal. At least that's what my memory (which has faded faster than the Rapids) recalls anyway. Now not having seen 3 of the last 4 regular season games, I have no clue what happened during those games. Those I have seen though, are on what I've based my theory.

    I recall thinking during "the streak" how the Rapids still weren't controlling possession and while they were winning I never had the feeling they were dominating. I recall them being dangerous as hell, not from applying constant pressure, but after a turnover and their new found ability to quickly counter.

    I think teams simply adjusted to that style. During the first 6 games the opposition controlled play and the result. The Rapids, became lethal on the counter and took advantage of the oppositions over commitment to the attack. That last 8 games the opponents began to not over commit and defended the counter. The Rapids actually started to improve on possession but their inability to create off that possession resulted in fewer goals and our defenders getting caught out of position and we find ourselves hoisted by our own petard, getting caught on counters.

    Some questions are crop up. How do you explain a season like this Oreo disaster, a sweet creamy win streak sandwiched by two layers of dark ugly soccer. Is there credit to be handed out for the streak and hatchets for the last 8 games? I'd love to know what went on in the coaches mind during all of this. Is it the coach, the players or maybe our players and coach simply did their thing and it was the opponents who controlled our strings with their play?

    The only player issue I want to bring up is Nat. Nat was nearly perfect during a long stretch (guess where), he came back down to earth during the end times. Even then, I still think he has played extremely well and deserves his defensive player award from the Rapids. When he stopped being the invincible Thor I think that also contributed to the Rapids became mortal again. That's not a knock, during a stretch he may have been the best central defender in MLS. Clearly, he's not the best, but even here on earth, he's damn good and one of the few I'd keep on the protected list

    Maybe I've remembered things all wrong and I'm not suggesting every game played out exactly that way, but that's what I recall, what are your thoughts.
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    I pretty much agree with what you said. I commented in one of my View From the Couch columns on Rapidsfan (shameless plug) late in the win streak that the counter-attacking style the Rapids were using was fun to watch, but it led to some uncomfortable games as I wondered if we could pull it off again and again. It appeared to finally catch up with us.
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    They kind of look like they are taking a crap. That constipated/focused/confused look.

    What is Trittshuh's role in all of this. How much influence could he have? Obviously, the buck stops at Hanki, but don't you say to the coach if you are an assistant "Hey, Chunger's a step-off, we need a win, let's get somebody in for him" or "Hey, there's 15 minutes left and we still have two subs, let's pull out all the stops."

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