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  1. This site has great content but needs a serious and total redesign. They should not allow 5 year olds to design their website. Comments?
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    It's not even that great a site. It's certainly not a place to go for any information that's timely. The columns are interesting from time to time, which is about the only reason I keep it bookmarked.
  3. ESPN uses their articles though
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    Dec 21, 2001
    It's a great site if you're looking for analysis from Wagman about American soccer. The "Mad Brit," however, is not my cup of tea ;-)

    There are still very few quality writers who actually know American soccer and take the time to sit down and discuss their opinions. The site ain't flashy, but I'm glad I can read something every week that I can chew on. I've bookmarked it.

    What I also like about the analysis is that Wagman (and there's another writer, besides the "Brit" guy, who also does a good job) doesn't seem to have a chip on his shoulder when he writes about his opinions.

    Thinking about the other writers out there, that guy from LA, Jamie Trecker, etc..., the same can't be said.

    And for a lot of the other guys. They have to spend so much time regurgitating the wire news, you get too little analysis.

    Moving on, since I've got caffeine in the blood, I would like to say that ToLo in Fort Worth and that writer out of NJ, Garcia?, are also favorites. They have strong well-thought-out opinions and they love the game.

    And of course, Wynalda! He's been a godsend.

    ...all right... caffeine running low... must drink more...

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