WUSA's demise not newsworthy?

Discussion in 'NWSL' started by Throwins, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. Throwins

    Throwins Member

    Feb 27, 2001
    Around the Puget Sound
    No mention on sportscenter, endless bable about MNF game, nothing on the local sports news and a short 2 lines in the Seattle papers the next morning.

    I was quite suprised it wasn't considered newsworthy, I guess it shows just how far soccer has to go.
  2. sregis

    sregis Member

    Nov 5, 1999
    Hoboken, USA
    how much did the seattle papers cover wusa? and sportscenter? that wouldn't surprise either. but (as many people have posted), there's been lots of coverage, some very insightful, some terrible, from all over the country.
  3. roarksown1

    roarksown1 Member

    Mar 30, 2001
    Playa del Rey, CA
    Hamburger SV
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    United States
    I've seen many a blurb on everything from CNN to Sportscenter. How much more coverage did you expect?
  4. *Crazy_Chastain*

    *Crazy_Chastain* New Member

    Mar 19, 2000
    maybe you didnt watch sportscenter the day it happened or the day after. It was on it both days. And it was on PTI on the ESPNNEWS channel last night.
  5. FearM9

    FearM9 New Member

    Jul 14, 2000
    On my bike
    Tom Brokaw even reported on it several nights ago.
  6. Anthony

    Anthony Member+

    United States
    Aug 20, 1999
    DC United
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    It was front page in the Chicago Tribune.

    And that's not front of the sports section, front of the main section, below the fold.
  7. sushibait

    sushibait New Member

    Dec 7, 2000
    Not only did Tom Brokaw do a piece on it, but Katie Courac and Matt Lauer (sp) covered it on the Today Show!

    I don't know what other coverage you could want. It seems that may have been the plan- to get some coverage on the lack of sponsors right before the team is playing ( and most probably winning another true world championship). If that doesn't attract money I don't know what would.
  8. DCUPopeAndLillyFan

    Apr 20, 2000
    Maybe higher attendances and TV ratings for three years?
  9. magiclamp

    magiclamp New Member

    Jan 2, 2000
    New Yawk
    Well, unfortunately it attracted more news coverage in it's demise than it ever did when it was "alive".

    I can't tell you how many people called me or have come up to me telling me they heard that it folded, so I KNOW it got plenty of coverage, although I really missed a lot of the tv coverage but picked up a whole bunch of newpapers that had it. USA Today has been great in it's coverage of the World Cup and they had WUSA shutting down on the front page.


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