WUSA Suspends Operations [the final R?]

Discussion in 'NWSL' started by Freestyle2000, Sep 15, 2003.

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    Feb 6, 2000
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    Well, WUSA as we know (knew?) it fell on its sword today. The news is available at the league site, along with everywhere else.

    What have we learned?

    1) Marketing towards children - who don't make their own money and have short attention spans, is not a viable strategy.

    2) Once again, we learned that Americans will cheer their national team on at all times (Wold Cup), but don't care to watch much soccer on the club level.

    3) Looking at the growing pains this league went to, those who are also MLS fans like myself should go home and give that statue of St. Phil a little kiss.

    I now only have two hopes: 1) That the Freedom still get a championship banner in RFK, whether the league or the players or DCU or the fans put it together, and 2) WUSA has not salted the earth. Wait five years until more MLS teams are in soccer specific stadiums with cheaper rents, then try again, maybe even in the original WNBA model.

    Anyway, this is the thread for all death of WUSA posts. Any trolling in regards to bashing women's soccer will be dealt with accordingly.

  2. buchholz

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    Jul 5, 2003
    Please...... The sooner the better. Anything to replace that "Inaugural Season" Banner. That banner was seriously out of place after the first season, considering its hanging next to MLS Cup Banners (not a bash, I swear. If you guys had had a Champ banner, and DCU only had an "Inaugural Season" whatever, I would have had the same opinion. There is simply a mismatch of prestige, it was the equivalent of a supply clerk from the rear lines pointing to a campaign medal and saying its the equivalent of a silver star.)
    Sorry about the loss of your team. Hopefully MLS will not suffer the same fate and be able offer you a great springboard for your next try (SSS will help out a lot in the future).
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    1) Should have held out until after the WWC, new sponsors might jump on the bandwagon.

    2) Should have always tried to link up with MLS or have been a partner from the start.

    3) This sucks.

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