WTB: Old PVC rubber soccer balls/footballs

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    I'm looking for a very specific type of rubber soccer ball, that was only made for less than 20 years ( 1968 - 1984 ). These soccer balls look exactly like a standard rubber soccer ball. They were made of a composite called PVC, or poly-vinyl chloride. We all know PVC as a hard, rigid plastic, commonly used in plumbing field. With the addition of plasticizers, PVC was made softer and more flexible by the addition of phthalates. beginning in 1968-1969, everything was being made from it, including inflatables, such as soccer balls. PVC was sold as synthetic rubber or vinyl rubber.

    These soccer balls were primarily made a practice balls, but were often used in competition play, such as in AYSO / YMCA soccer games. It was also common for them to be used in many High School / Middle school and Elementary school soccer games

    Brands to look for are Molten, Mikasa, Asisc, Mizuno, SeamCo, CROWN, and even Voit. Some of these soccer balls sold in department stores, under their house brand.

    They stopped making these soccer balls by the mid 1980s, for reasons I'm unsure of. Today, we only have vulcanized rubber soccer balls. I don't want to get to yappy, so I'm sure most here know what I'm looking for.

    I'm offering a minimum of $100 up to $300 each. The oldest PVC rubber soccer balls ( 1970 - 1975 ) are worth $300, if they were used in soccer games of that time and into the 1980s. PVC rubber soccer balls from 1976 - 1982, and game used into the late 1980s are worth about $225-250 each.





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    Have you had any luck with this? Very interesting

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