Worldwide audience braces for vital weekend

Discussion in 'Columbus Crew' started by Zak, Oct 20, 2003.

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    Feb 18, 2002
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    The bidding war around the world has begun...Columbus Crew, the world's most massive club is fighting for their playoff lives. France's Canal Plus and England's Sky Sports 1 are trying desperately to bargain with ESPN in order to bring the world the game every football supporter in the world is sure to have an interest in. In addition each firm is inquiring with Fox Sports World to also show the DC United versus Kansas City Wizards match. Obviously both teams are small compared to Columbus Crew, but the demand is there none the less, as the fate of the world's most popular team hangs in the balance. Even's Britain's most popular footballers can't keep their mind off this weekend's match, "I can't concentrate on upcoming matches, I've supported Crew since I was a boy, and for them not to make the playoffs this season would be a complete calamity" stated England number one David James. Even the most brilliant footballer in the world Zinadine Zidane has chimed in "The entire Real Madrid squad are pulling for our colleagues in Columbus, they are all worldclass footballers, I'm sure that they will show the strength and mettle to pull through." One thing is for sure, just about every football fan in the world will be wearing the traditional black and gold as the world waits to see what will happen with the world's most massive club. Pub owners around the world have tripled their beer orders in an attempt to keep up with demand.
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    This just in...

    The Columbus SWAT and Riot units have been dispatched this afternoon to Columbus Crew Stadium. A distress call was made by team President and General Manager Jim Smith as tens of thousands of Columbus residents flocked to the stadium during their lunch breaks in an attempt to gain the few remaining tickets for the upcoming match against Chicago.

    Our local dispatch team was listening to the dispatch and heard Mr. Smith saying, "Oh God! We're out of tickets! The fans aren't going back to work either. They're trying to break into the ticket office. Oh God help us! I've grouped the entire staff and locked ourselves into the conference room. Save us!"

    Quite distressing, but these things are understandable when considering the Ohio capital's regard for championship caliber sports. None can forget the damages done after Ohio State University won last year's footbal title.

    We'll keep you updated as we get more information. In the mean time, I urge you all to pray that the stadium is not torn apart as rabid fans try to secure tickets for the most vital match of this massive club.
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    Mar 29, 2000
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    Tickets are selling far too fast for even Ticketmaster to keep up. Best available are Section 101 (row 9), which obviously have to had been sold...
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    Too bad Channel 5 is already going to show the Columbus - Chicago match (just not live)
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    Best one now is in section 226, row 16
    Best four now are in section 101, row 13.

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