World Time Converters, so you don't miss your match!

Discussion in 'Yanks Abroad Gameday' started by orcrist, Mar 20, 2009.

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    Mods, maybe we could sticky this one. There are always questions like "what time is that here?" or "is it Daylight savings yet?", etc.

    Any additions or corrections, please add them to this thread. Particularly information about other Leagues, or if some of the Leagues are in multiple timezones.

    Here's the lowdown:
    Converter from any timezone to any other:

    List of various Timezone clocks:

    By Soccer League, the individual clocks (I'll make the start, please add others!):

    Bundesliga - German Time, UTC +1 (+2 during DST):

    La Liga - Spanish Time, UTC +1 (+2 during DST):

    Premiere League / Championship - UK time, UTC +0 (+1 during DST):

    Serie A - Italian Time, UTC +1 (+2 during DST):
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    OT, the I have to say the "Meeting Planner" on the World Clock page is totally awesome. I used to use it all the time back when my job was more internationally-focused. It's fun to be able to prove to your boss that there is no convenient time for a conference call between London, DC, Syndey and Singapore. Someone's getting screwed, no matter what.
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    Absolutely fantastic. Wish I had discovered these things eight years ago myself. Yeah, I've been overseas for that long now.
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    Yes, the Meeting Planner site is "totally awesome" for watching games around the world and planning meetings or calls home alike. When scheduling calls between APAC, EMEA, and the Americas, someone definitely gets screwed. Tonight (Asia time), it was me but I spread the pain around for my team. Fortunately, I learned how not to treat a staff from a past total #$&@& of a manager with absolutely no #@($(& clue about time differences. Yup, the ignorant @)$&)& was also from my home country. :rolleyes:

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